Who is Kyleema Norman? Passenger barred from flight as staff didn’t like her ‘tone’


Apparently, the crew at American Airlines didn’t appreciate the New York City educator’s “tone” when she complained about the four-hour delay on her connecting trip, and she was consequently excluded off the flight.

On Sunday, August 7, Kyleema Norman, a deputy superintendent with the Department of Education, was scheduled to go to Granada. Her intended trip, a gift for her daughter Bobbie’s college graduation, was hampered when the two of them wound themselves stranded at the LaGuardia Airport while they awaited their connecting flight via Miami.

In discussing the event, Norman claimed that she complained to airline employees “in my teacher’s voice,” but the employee interpreted it as a threat and called the Port Authority police. She referred to the argument by saying, “We’re not trying to provoke a riot. I didn’t swear at him, threaten him, act violently, or cause a scene. She remembered hearing, “Your tone at 35,000 feet — I don’t think I’d be able to trust you’d be safe in the air with a pilot and other passengers,” however.

Norman also shared about the incident on her Twitter account. Later, she posted a 45-second film from the airport to her Instagram account, where it had hundreds of views as of Tuesday afternoon. A fellow passenger who began filming as soon as the police entered the argument and intervened is seen in the footage.

The event, according to Norman, was motivated by prejudice because all the other passengers were permitted to board while they were turned away because they are Black. She referred to her daughter and the damaged graduation present on social media, writing, “Who knew the gift would be her watching me getting barred from our flight on American Airlines and witnessing the fury of racism.”

Kyleema’s daughter Bobbie corroborated her mother’s statement, saying, “She advocated for everyone, but she is not permitted to get on the plane because the person who pretended to help didn’t like her ‘tone’.”

The DOE superintendent disclosed on Wednesday that American Airlines had returned her bags and given her a $125 travel credit, which is a little amount compared to the $2,145 she paid for two round-way tickets to Grenada, taxes, and fees.

An American Airlines spokeswoman claimed they have launched an internal investigation into the matter in response to Norman’s allegations.

We investigate any allegation of prejudice internally because we take it seriously. The representative stated, “Our Customer Relations team is actively interacting with Ms. Norman to get further information and to express our regret for her family’s recent travel experience.


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