Who is Kiely Rodni? Missing teen feared trafficked after ‘sketchy, older guys’ crashed party


Missing kid worried about being trafficked after “sketchy, older people” interrupted party, says Kiely Rodni
On Sunday, August 7, investigators disclosed that Kiely had attended the party together with over 100 other teenagers and young adults.

On Saturday, Kiely Rodni was last observed leaving the Prosser Family Campground close to Truckee, California (Placer County Sheriff’s Office).

TRUCKEE, CALIFORNIA: Following reports that “sketchy, older people” interrupted the camping party where Kiely Rodni was last seen, the teen’s family is concerned that she may have been trafficked.

Just after midnight on Saturday, August 6, the 16-year-old was last seen leaving a school-related event at the Prosser Family Campground near Truckee, California. On August 7, investigators discovered that Kiely had attended the party along with over 100 other teenagers and young adults. Since she vanished, her cell phone has been inoperable.

There were “sketchy, older guys” at the gathering, according to 18-year-old Sami Smith, who spent the majority of the evening with Kiely and was one of the last individuals to talk to the girl. “She was last seen around 12.40 am, according to the tape. When she asked me if I still needed a ride home at 12.36 a.m., I was the last one to talk to her “Smith spoke to the media. “We now know that there were numerous college students. Our teen-to-teen conversations are bringing out information from the teens. There were several of shady older men that were observed. This was our last point of touch, which was right before I departed.”

42-year-old A close friend of Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman named Marika Beck expressed concern that the missing girl might have been “trafficked” to an unidentified location after hearing that “a bunch of older boys had crashed the party.” According to reports, Kiely might have been hanging out with one or more older lads, Beck told The Sun. “When these guys arrived at 12.30 am, things started to get a little strange. Many of the younger teens made the decision to leave at this point. It wasn’t intended to be a campground; it was intended to be a place where just teenagers could hang out in the woods and party.”

The “teen-drinking” accessory incident, according to Beck, was “parents’ worst fear.” She went on, “It is quite bad that there is drinking and other things. We’re simply trying to get her home, and it’s every parent’s worst fear. Any teenagers out there? Please come forward. She is a good kid who graduated with honors a year early and did not flee. She is among the most extraordinary teenagers I have ever encountered. She wanted to have fun with her buddies, just like most teenagers do. This would be completely unexpected.” If we can get the borders aggressively locked down and patrolled for every f***ing automobile that goes through there, it’s highly probable she is still in the car since they haven’t located it, said Beck. “We’re genuinely concerned she’s been taken out of state, perhaps trafficked, and heading to the borders.”

According to the authorities, Kiely was last seen in black tank top and Dickies pants. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 115 pounds, has a nose ring on, multiple piercings, blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Additionally reported missing is the adolescent’s car, a silver 2013 Honda CRV with the California license plate 8YUR127. Kiely just received her diploma from Truckee’s Forest Charter School.

An anonymous tip line has been established by the authorities to help in the hunt. Call the police at 530-581-6320 and select option 7 if you or anyone you know has information about Kiely Rodni’s whereabouts. A caller’s identity is protected. A 24-hour hotline is also available from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.


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