Who is considered the best Batman?


1. Christian Bale. Yes, we need to speak about the voice. The low, gravely gurgle he puts on when Batman is irksome at times, but this is a powerful portrayal of the caped crusader.

What are the strongest versions of Batman? The Strongest Versions of Batman

  1. Bat-Mite.
  2. White Lantern Corps. White Lantern Batman.
  3. Mobius Chair. God of Knowledge Batman ( from darkseid war)
  4. Black Lantern Corps. Black Lantern Batman.
  5. Superman: Speeding Bullets. Superman like Batman. …
  6. Batman & Demon: A Tragedy. Demon-Bat.
  7. Hellbat Suit. Hellbat Batman.
  8. Batman.

Is Batman or Robin better?

Batman is smarter than all Robins. While Robin especially Jason Todd is stronger and maybe as good a fighter. You see Bruce is one of the best fighters ever. He travelled around the globe and was taught by many great martial artists and ended up becoming better than them.

Who was the best Joker? 1. Heath Ledger. To many, Heath Ledger will always be the ultimate Joker. As the main villain of the second, and ultimately most critically acclaimed, part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Ledger’s Joker was nothing like those who came before him.

Who is considered the best Batman?

Who played Batman first?

Lewis Wilson

Wilson was the first actor cast to play the Dark Knight for Batman in 1943. He was also the youngest actor to tackle the role at 23. His performance faced criticism for his voice as Batman and his physique.

Who played the OG Joker?

Joker in other media

Adaptations of the Joker in other media
Actors who have played the Joker. Top: Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill (voice) Bottom: Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix
Created by Bill Finger Bob Kane Jerry Robinson
Original source Comics published by DC Comics

Which Joker killed himself? Ledger died on 22 January 2008 as a result of an accidental overdose of medications. A few months before his death, Ledger had finished filming his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger
Awards Full list

Why is The Dark Knight so popular? Dark Knight is one of the best movies ever made. It gave us the best villain of all time and made Heath Ledger immortal in hearts of movie buffs. Nolan’s perfect direction,story,Zimmer’s haunting background score and Ledger’s Oscar winning performance as Joker make this movie a masterpiece and a treat to viewers.

What is Batman IQ?

A trivia published in BuzzFeed states, “Batman’s stated IQ is an unbelievable 192, several notches above the famed theoretical physicist (Albert Einstein), who was estimated to have an IQ between 160 and 180.

Who is the OG Batman? Lewis G. Wilson (“The Batman” TV show, 1943) Wilson has the distinction of being the first actor to play Batman, starring in the 1943 series.

Who was the last Batman? Michael Keaton is part of a coveted hall of fame: actors who have had the chance to play Batman on screen. The DC superhero has been portrayed by only a select few over the decades, like Christian Bale, Adam West, and Val Kilmer.

Who are the 3 different jokers? Cover art of Batman: Three Jokers (September 2020) featuring The Clown Joker (left), The Criminal Joker (center), and The Comedian Joker (right).

Who played Loki?

British actor Tom Hiddleston is best known for his tenured portrayal of Loki, Thor’s morally compromised brother in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is so popular that a spin-off series, “Loki,” just arrived on Disney+.

What is the Joker’s real name?

Jack Napier, also known as the Joker, is a fictional character in the 1989 superhero film Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Portrayed by Jack Nicholson, the character was based on the iconic supervillain the Joker.

Who is the new Joker? Jared Leto as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) Warner Bros. Phoenix became the second actor, following the posthumously awarded Ledger, to win an Oscar for a performance as the Joker.

How did Joker go insane? Batman’s interference causes him to leap into a chemical vat, which disfigures him. This, combined with the trauma of his wife’s earlier accidental death, causes him to go insane and become the Joker.

Is Black Panther better than The Dark Knight?

Originally Answered: Which superhero movie is better, Black Panther or The Dark Knight? Dark knight by far is more competently made. It’s not without flaws, but Black Panther by comparison is just overall weaker.

Is The Dark Knight overrated? All of the Nolan Batman films are overrated. The Dark Knight is definitely the best of the 3, and Heath Ledger did a great job as The Joker, but the movie is just plain not good. Too many plot holes to ignore and it’s an overall joyless experience.

Is Heath Ledger the best Joker? Heath Ledger’s Joker has been voted the best portrayal of the character of all time. In a poll of more than 23,000 LADbible followers, the late actor won with 77 percent of the vote for his performance in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight.

What is Peter Parker’s IQ? Scientific aptitude and knowledge

Apart from his physical abilities, Peter is an intellectually-gifted scientific teen genius and has a prodigious aptitude in the physical sciences, with a high IQ level of around 250.

How is Batmans IQ so high?

Batman is a fictional character. So is Bruce Wayne, his human alter ego. Bruce scores at an IQ of about 135, based on his 1350 SAT score. Batman is usually assessed a higher score, more like 142, but that’s because his cool toys/tools/weapons skew the IQ measurement.

What is the IQ of L? So to answer your question, L’s IQ is between 165–185 , I personally believe it is 180.

Why was Batman Cancelled? Cancellation. Near the end of the third season, ratings had dropped significantly, and ABC cancelled the show. NBC agreed to take over the series, but before it could do so, it discovered that hundreds of thousands of dollars of Batman sets had been destroyed. Rather than rebuild the sets, NBC dropped the project.

How tall is Batman? According to the official encyclopedia, Batman is 6’2″. For reference, that puts him as the same height as Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How many Batmen are there?

The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history – eight to be exact. Most have lasted for just one film. But after The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale has become the first man to have played Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego more than twice on the silver screen.


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