Who is Alejandro Mayorkas? Age, Wife, Net Worth


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Who is Alejandro Mayorkas?

Since February 2, 2021, Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, a Cuban-American lawyer and government official, has held the position of seventh Secretary of Homeland Security for the United States.

He was born on November 24, 1959. He also worked for the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama administration, first as the head of USCIS (2009–2013) and subsequently as the deputy secretary of DHS (2013–2016).

Alejandro Mayorkas Age: How old is Alejandro Mayorkas?

Age of Alejandro Mayorkas. On November 24, 1959, he was born in Havana, Cuba. Mayorkas has a 62-year-old age.

Who is Alejandro Mayorkas Wife?

Tanya Mayorkas, formerly Tanya Nathan, is the spouse of Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of Homeland Security. She was an attorney with experience before.

What is Alejandro Mayorkas Net worth?

The secretary of homeland security has amassed a portfolio with an estimated $8 million value during a career marked by revolving doors.

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