Which is better Star Trek or Star Wars?

Russ concludes that despite both their success and popularity, Star Trek comes out as the better of the two, as it is set in “our” galaxy and therefore people can relate better to it, whereas Star Wars takes place in another galaxy.

How can I watch the original Star Trek series? Right now you can watch Star Trek on Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Star Trek by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Does George Lucas like Star Trek?

Yes. Lucas was a fan of Star Trek. George Lucas wishes he was Gene Roddenberry.

Does Sheldon like Star Wars or Star Trek? As a tied and true geek, Sheldon Cooper is a big fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars. Like most fans, he has complicated feelings for the respective series’ low points, but he is always excited about the prospect of a new entry in the franchise, whether that is a television series, a video game or a brand new movie.

Which is better Star Trek or Star Wars?

Whats Bigger Star Wars or Star Trek?

In quantity of visual entertainment, Star Trek is considerably bigger than Star Wars. Its television series alone consist of over 700 hour-long episodes of programming, and it still exceeds Star Wars in number of feature films.

Which Star Trek episode should I watch?

Season One

The City On The Edge Of Forever is frequently claimed as the best Star Trek episode of all time (certainly of the original series, sometimes of the franchise as a whole).

What is the best Star Trek episode? The 10 best Star Trek: The Original Series episodes of all time

  • “Balance of Terror”
  • “A Taste of Armageddon”
  • “Amok Time”
  • “Mirror, Mirror”
  • “The Doomsday Machine”
  • “The Trouble With Tribbles”
  • “The Enterprise Incident”
  • “The Tholian Web”

Is Star Trek original series on Netflix? The boldest and most controversial Star Trek series of all time debuted 20 years ago on September 26, 2001. Since 2011, all four seasons of the show have been streaming on Netflix, but, along with The Original Series and Voyager, the earliest voyages of Starfleet will leave Netflix on September 30, 2021.

Is Star Wars a copy of Star Trek?

Star Wars and Star Trek are both science based and involve space travel and aliens. The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films.

Why was Star Trek canceled? The cast recalled that there was a noticeable drop in quality in Season 3 episodes, and, with ratings continuing to slide, NBC announced it was canceling Star Trek on Feb. 18, 1969, when it was conspicuously absent from the network’s programming schedule for the 1969-1970 season.

Which movie came first Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, OK, it dates back to 1977, when Star Wars came out: 11 years after the debut of Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek series on NBC and two years before Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979.

Is Sheldon Cooper a nerd? There seem to be more geeks on American television than at any time in the past. A few of these characters, including Abby Sciuto and Timothy McGee from NCIS, are memorable, but for me, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is one geek who stands out. … Sheldon is an obsessive fan of comic books and science fiction.

What lightsaber does Leonard have?

In “The Friendship Contraction” episode of The Big Bang Theory, the character of Leonard Hofstadter uses a prop lightsaber for illumination after a power outage. The scene is framed as a phallic symbol joke as he compares his lightsaber to the size of roomate Sheldon Cooper’s significantly smaller glo-stick.

What came first Star Trek or Star Wars?

The Star Trek television series was originally produced in 1966, and it influenced the 1977 beginning of the popular Star Wars films. In 1979, the first Star Trek movie was released. … On the other hand, Star Trek movies feature the conflict of a crew having to make moral decisions about various dilemmas.

Is Star Wars a ripoff of Star Trek? No, they’re two completely separate entities. Trek is science fiction. Technology is described in pseudoscientific terms, and actual science or scientific theory is used in each episode. Star Wars, on the other hand, is Space Opera.

Why is Trek better than wars? Star Trek has simply been more consistent than Star Wars, and at times can be even more impressive, while still working best as a TV show. The characters have more depth than anyone in the Star Wars universe, and the franchise is willing to step outside the 60 year period all Star Wars adventures are trapped in.

Who is more advanced Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek gets points for the more advanced drives, faster warp speeds, and maneuverability. While Star Wars takes it for average speed, which would be more important most of the time.

Who is the best Star Trek character? Star Trek: The 10 Best Human Characters, Ranked

  1. 1 James Kirk Is One Of The Most Decorated Officers In History.
  2. 2 Captain Picard Is A Favorite For Many. …
  3. 3 Captain Benjamin Sisko Fought The Dominion. …
  4. 4 Captain Janeway Did What She Had To For Her Crew. …
  5. 5 Michael Burnham Jr. …
  6. 6 Captain Archer Led The First Starfleet Mission. …

Who is the best Star Trek Captain? Star Trek’s Enterprise Captains, Ranked From Worst To Best

  • Christopher Pike is one of the Enterprise’s best. …
  • Will Riker defeats the Federation’s worst enemy. …
  • Spock becomes a better captain over time. …
  • Jonathan Archer was a trailblazer. …
  • James T. …
  • Jean-Luc Picard is the best the Enterprise has ever known.

What was the most popular Star Trek? Every Star Trek Series Ranked, According to Critics

  • Star Trek: Picard – 81.5 percent.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series – 80 percent. …
  • Star Trek: Discovery – 78 percent. …
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – 71 percent. …
  • Star Trek: Voyager – 71 percent. …
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks – 71 percent. …
  • Star Trek: Enterprise – 60.5 percent. …

Is Netflix getting rid of Star Trek?

The show will leave Netflix at 12AM PT in regions where it had previously been available to stream. (It will remain on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on the Crave in Canada.) All seasons of the show will become available to international viewers in 2022, the company confirmed to The Verge.

Why did Netflix drop Star Trek? The publication says the money Netflix paid for the show’s overseas rights paid for most of Discovery’s hefty budget. Now that ViacomCBS has paid off the deal, it also pulled the entire show from Netflix.

What Star Trek movies are on Netflix? Six are currently available: The Motion Picture; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; and Star Trek: Insurrection.

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