What Cancer Did Technoblade Die Off?


Social media is flooded with condolences for YouTuber Technoblade, who tragically passed away at the age of 23 from cancer.
The San Francisco-based gamer was well-known for his Minecraft content and has 10.7 million YouTube subscribers as well as 864,000 Twitch followers.

In a video titled “So long nerds” that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on June 30th, his family broke the heartbreaking news.

He was the most extraordinary child anyone could ever hope to have. I long for Technoblade. I want to thank everyone for everything. Before reading out a final message from his son, the man’s father said, “You meant a lot to him.

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What kind of cancer did the YouTuber, whose real name is Alex, revealed he had in August 2021? Continue reading to learn more about his prognosis.

Technoblade had a sarcoma

It has long been assumed that he had sarcoma, a broad category of cancers that start in the bones and connective tissues, despite the fact that he never disclosed the specific type of cancer he had.

In an August 2021 video titled “where I’ve been,” Alex revealed that cancer began with pain in his arm, which is typical of sarcomas.

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The Sarcoma Foundation of America is also honoring him with a courage award, which adds credence to the theory that he had sarcoma.

The family of Technoblade revealed in a statement that he was fighting “stage four cancer” and faced “impossible odds” before he passed away.

elivered a final message on his behalf today.

May he rest in peace. pic.twitter.com/z2dL5xzjvB

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) July 1, 2022

The family of Technoblade released the following statement after his passing: “We wanted all of you to know just how much he adored and valued his fans and coworkers.”

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“As our son battled stage four cancer, the past year had many trying times. But he kept trying to overcome what he knew to be nearly impossible odds, utilizing his renowned strategic intellect, without complaining, they added.

“All of us who had the opportunity of walking this journey with my son learned a valuable lesson from his bravery on it. I appreciate you sharing his experience as he worked hard to please his devoted fans.

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