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VidMate Support and FAQs

Vidmate Developers’ community is an active group of people who come up with the solution to every problem that users’ face. Additionally, the Vidmate concurrent application version eliminates all the bugs which the former one had.

Is it Necessary to Root the Android Gadget/Device to Install Vidmate?

No, it is not necessary to root your gadget/device in order to install the renown Vidmate app. You can enjoy the streaming videos, audio and TV streams on any android device. However, you will have to enable or permit the ‘Apps from other sources’ to allow the gadget/device to install Vidmate.

Why isn’t the Vidmate apk file Proceeding Installation on Android Gadget/Device?

The primary reason that the Android gadget/device refrains from installing Vidmate is that it is a random third-party application. This happens with every android device until you permit the ‘Apps from other sources’.

To do so, you shall enter the ‘Settings’ menu of the device. And locate the ‘Security’ section in which you shall enter in the ‘Device’ menu. Then, you shall turn ‘On’ or allow the ‘Apps from other sources’ option.

After which, an Android device will allow the Vidmate app to easily download and later install it.

How to Download the Renown VidMate in iOS?

Vidmate is for the Android gadgets/devices only. However, there are efficient Vidmate downloading hacks which will allow you to effortlessly install the app on devices running on a different platform too. The Windows PC, TV streaming devices, etc.

Although there are many installing hacks allow Vidmate to install in other gadgets/devices there is not a single hack for iOS. You cannot install Vidmate in any of the iOS devices. However, you can effortlessly install the renown Vidmate in the MAC PC using an AVD.

What other platform does this app run on?

Vidmate is an official Android app which runs on all the android devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, TV, etc. In addition to that, you can use Vidmate on many other platforms such as Windows PCs, smartphones and MAC PC with the help of an AVD.

An Android emulator has configured the workspace in the device which works like an Android OS. It means the emulator will make the Windows PC or MAC-PC a pseudo android gadget/device which can operate any android application.

Therefore, you can operate an android application on the personal computer having Windows or MAC OS.

Why the app has this pop-up – ‘Server Error’ while downloading a video?

This is a possibility to happen during the application is under maintenance or the server has a lag due to network issues. It can lead to delaying the stream or increase the buffering period. Along with that, you will even encounter the pop-up with such a message i.e. ‘Server Error’.

Thus, you can try solving the problems with this FAQs. And, you can comment your query below if you do not find an appropriate solution in the FAQs section. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible with a solid solution to the problem. Even you can suggest any solution by commenting if you have found it yourself or from other sources. It will be helpful for the Vidmate community for a better experience.