Tower Of Fantasy Release Date


A new open-world MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android gadgets. It is regarded as Genshin Impact’s main rival because it makes use of the same gacha-based system to unlock special combat skills. Additionally, there is a significant exploring component, so you should direct your character to look for chests, solve riddles, and destroy enemy strongholds.

Our Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide offers hints and shortcuts that can be useful early on but aren’t really directly stated in the game.

Tower of Fantasy Release Date

Tower of Fantasy, which features a sizable open world and some cool character customization, appears to be the hottest new RPG coming out this year. Even better, the day of release is rapidly approaching!

Those eager to dive in may, happily, pre-load the game today before it officially launches. It features playable co-op and a range of unique characters for you to acquire and play.

You can learn more about the Tower of Fantasy release date, how to pre-load the game, and what to expect once you start playing it later this week on this website.

Later this week, Tower of Fantasy will be released globally across all continents, therefore we’ve provided the regional release times for you below.

UK: 3AM (BST) 4 AM in Europe (CEST) Eastern Coast US: 10PM (EDT) Pacific Coast US: 7PM (PDT)
If your time zone isn’t shown above, you can view the global launch countdown clock on the home page of the official Tower of Fantasy website by visiting that page.

What is Tower of Fantasy?

With the official launch time now known for the UK and Europe, the Tower of Fantasy release date has officially arrived for players everywhere.

Tower of Fantasy, a massively multiplayer online game that has already debuted in China and is marketed as a “shared open-world sci-fi action game,” has drawn interest from players in Britain.

Players will engage in “an anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, freeform character development, engaging objectives, and exciting combat through thrilling fights and fascinating open world exploration,” according to the developers from Hotta Studio and publishers at Level Infinite.


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