Top 5 Thicc Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Chun-Li
Image via Gamer Journalist/Epic Games

Something that the multiplayer battle-royale phenomenon, Fortnite has continuously done throughout its tenure as one of the biggest games to ever exist is celebrating body positivity. With characters from all across many universes, with various different body shapes, sizes, and skin tones, this game does its best to be an accepting and welcoming place for all.

One specific area that Fortnite has seemingly become experts in over the years though is in crafting characters that many would consider to be of the “thicc” variety. We’ve scoured the Fortnite backlog of skins from the beginning to now and have narrowed our list down to the top 5 thiccest characters that Fortnite has to offer.

Top 5 Thicc Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Kiara K.O
Image via Gamer Journalist/Epic Games

It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to just 5 as there are just too many thicc characters to count at this point. But these are clearly the best of the bunch when it comes to Fortnite’s catalog of thicc skins. There are definitely some other runners-up out there, but these take the throne at the end of the day. Let’s get into the list!


A real OG in the realm of thicc character skins, Penny is as perfect as they come, exhibiting a more natural body figure instead of something insanely cartoonish or unattainable. Her body positivity is fierce and she’s one of the best skins available, in my opinion. Plus, she’s got a Halloween variant, so she’s just perfect in every way.

Machinist Mina

Another strong female in a similar way as Penny, Machinist Mina shows her realistic curves and looks really cool while doing it. With a jet-black leather look with details of metals that she’s working on, this is another body-positive female that gets her job done.

Kiara K.O.

A newcomer to Fortnite, Kiara K.O. shows that she is not messing around with her curves. Her hips do not lie and she is rocking an outfit that really accentuates her figure. It’s beautiful to see Fortnite continuing to have real body shapes and sizes in-game alongside some of the more ridiculous examples.


And of course, one of those fantastic but overtly ridiculous examples would be none other than the queen of thicc, Street Fighter’s own Chun-Li. She’s always had some thighs in the Street Fighter games but I think Fortnite really pumped those bad girls up. She’s fabulous though and definitely serves some looks while taking down enemies.


Last but certainly not least, Predator comes in as an unexpected thicc-boy. With his risque fishnets running across his body, those big muscles, and quite a set of hips, this character is a thicc king in his own right. He is killing it (literally) with his look and is definitely a fashion icon on his home planet.

Those are our 5 winners at being the thiccest skins in Fortnite. It’s great to see so many different figures in Fortnite and one can only hope that the developers continue to create more diverse skins for players to enjoy.

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