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Langrisser is a role-playing video game set in a fantasy world. Career Soft is primarily responsible for its development. The character tier list for this game can be found here. So, hello and welcome to the wiki for the Langrisser mobile tier list.

This game’s tier list was recently changed. It contains the most recent langrisser tier list. So, you’re looking at the most recent tier list.

langrisser tier list

What’s up, what’s up? It’s fantastic news that I’ll be revealing the Langrisser tier list today (updated). As a result, you may see the game’s newly updated tier list. To learn more, read the entire article.

Suggestion: If you’re a new player, this article can help you get started. Because you can tell which character will be more useful for you based on the tier list. After that, you can upgrade them one at a time.

Battle Cats tier list (New update)

Langrisser Tier List 2022 New

Here, we added the langrisser hero tier list. This list will be helpful for you to get the best of your character. The langrisser sea tier list is given below.

Last Update Post July 22

Langrisser Character Tier List

Tier S+ (Hero) Tier B (Hero) Tier B+ (Hero)
Liana Silverwolf Lance
Tiaris Kirikaze Sonya
——- Narm Lewin
——- Emerick Jessica
——- ——- Imelda
Tier S (Hero) Tier A (Hero)
Leon Egbert
Ledin Lester
Cherie Ferakia
Bozel Sophie
Lana Matthew
Vargas Grenier
Tier A+ (Hero)

Langrisser Pvp Tier List

T0 Liana Tiaris            
T1 Leon Ledin Cherie Bozel Lana Vargas    
T2 Luna Shelfaniel Bernhardt Almeda Dieharte Angelina Altemuller Elwin
T3 Egbert Lester Ferakia Shophia Matthew Grenier    
T4 Lance Sonya Lewin Jessica Imelda      
T5 Silverwolf Kirikaze Narm Emerick        

Langrisser Weapon Tier List: Top 10

Tier SSR Tier SR Tier R Tier N
Astaroth Aristocratic Dagger Claymore Hatchet
Báthory Barrier Lance Combat Knife Knife
Blood Sword Hrunting Berserker Axe Crystal Staff Lance
Bloody Melody Blessing Staff Double Bladed Axe Long Bow
Blue Moon Blood Lance Knight Lance Long Sword
Blue Star Burst Staff Mace Mallet
Broken Star Cinquedea Main Gauche Staff
Cursed Lance Crescent axe Morning Star ——-
Devil Axe Crescent Bow Saber ——-
Dragonslayer Gram Crystal Hammer Trident ——-

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Langrisser Redeem Codes 2022

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You can find the Langrisser 2022 tier list in this post, which you may use to choose the finest characters in the game. In addition, the Langrisser PVP and weapon tier list may be found here.


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