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This game’s tier list was recently changed. It’s the most recent version of the king raid tier list. So, you’re looking at the most recent tier list.

What’s up, what’s up? It’s fantastic news that I’ll be revealing the kings raid tier list today (updated). As a result, you may see the game’s newly updated tier list. To learn more, read the entire article.

king's Raid Tier List

King’s Raid is a free-to-play side-scrolling RPG video game. Vespa is the company that created it. The character tier list for this game can be found here. So, welcome to the wiki for the kings raid tier list.

Suggestion: If you’re a new player, this article can help you get started. Because you can tell which character will be more useful for you based on the tier list. After that, you can upgrade them one at a time.

king’s Raid Tier List 2022 New

The king raid tier list 2022 has been put here. This list will assist you in achieving the finest possible character. The following is a list of the king’s raid tiers. The following is a list of the king’s raid hero tiers.

New Update July 26

King’s Raid Tier List – (Knights)

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Clause Tank (Protector, AsSlow) SS C SS
Aselica Tank (Buffer, Amp) A B B
Dosarta Tank (PvP) B A C
Loman Tank (Amp, Cleanse, Shield) S SS S
Morrah Tank (Protector, Amp) B C A
Demia Tank (PvP) B S B
Glenwys Tank (Protector) SS C SS
Jane Tank (Amp, Shred) S B A
Neraxis Tank (Protector) SS B SS
Phillop Tank (Shred, Amp) S A S
Ricardo Tank (CC, Protector) B S B
Sonia Tank (CC, Amp) A A A

King’s Raid Tier List – (Warriors)

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Gau Tank (CC, Cleanse, Buffer) A A SS
Priscilla Subdealer (Buffer, s2) A A S
Scarlet (Sub-)Dealer (Cleanse, Dispel) B S B
Chase Dealer (Buffprevention) A S A
Kasel Selfish (Acc Debuff, Dodge) B A A
Naila Subdealer (Amp, CC) A A S
Seria Dealer (Defpen, always crits) A A B
Theo (Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp) S B S
Viska* (Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp, Shred) S A A

King’s Raid Tier List – (Assassins)

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Tanya (Sub-)Dealer (Silence, Dispel) A A A
Roi Dealer (Single Target) B C S
Reina Dealer (Single Target) A B S
Nia Dealer (Defpen) A A A
Mirianne Dealer (Single Target) S S A
Laudia Dealer (Single Target) A A B
Gladi (Sub-)Dealer (Amp) A B S
Fluss Dealer (Anti-Magic) B S B
Ezekiel Dealer (CC, Defpen) S A S
Erze Dealer (AoE) SS A B
Epis Dealer (Main) S A A

King’s Raid Tier List – Archers

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Arch (Sub-)Dealer (M.Shield, Defpen) A A A
Zafir Dealer (Aoe) SS A S
Yanne Dealer (Main) C C SS
Shamilla (Sub-)Dealer (Dispel, Pvp) A A C
Selene Dealer (Main) A B A
Requina Subdealer (Amp, Blockred.) S SS S
Luna Dealer (Main) S A S
Dimael (Sub-)Dealer (bit of everyth.) A S A

King’s Raid Tier List – Mechanics

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Rodina Dealer (Single Target) B B B
Oddy Support (CDR) A B B
Mitra Dealer (Single Target) C D C
Miruru Subdealer (CC, AoE) S SS S
Lakrak Dealer (CC, AoE) S A S
Kara Put with Shea or Rip A A A
Crow Dealer (AoE) B B A
Chrisha* Subdealer (Aoe Amp) S B S
Annette Support (CC Immunity, Amp) S B SS

King’s Raid Tier List – Wizards

Character Game ROLE PvE PvP BD
Veronica* Support (Buffer, Amp) B D A
Pavel (Sub-)Dealer (CC, AoE) A S B
Ophelia (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Burst) A S A
Nyx Dealer (AoE, Dispel) S S B
Maria Subdealer (CC, Amp) S S B
Lorraine Subdealer (CC, AoE) A B S
Lilia (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer) A A A
Lewisia Dealer (Single Target) B C C
Esker (Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Aoe Amp) A D B
Cleo Dealer (AoE) SS B A
Artemia Dealer (AoE) SS B S
Aisha Dealer (Single Target) A B A

King’s Raid Tier List – Priests

Character Classification PvE PvP BD
Shea* Support (everything) A B B
Rephy Support (Cleanse, Healer) S SS S
Mediana Support (Buffer, s3) S A S
May Support (Buffer, Healer) B D B
Lucias Support (Anti P.Damage) A S B
Leo Support (s3, Shred, Dispel) C SS C
Lavril Support (Buffer, weak heal) A C S
Laias Support (Manabattery) S A S
Kaulah Support (CC, Buffer) A B S
Juno Support (Cleanse, Dispel) S S A
Frey Support (Shield) S B S
Cassandra Support (Disruption, Buffer) B S B
Baudouin Support (s3, Buffer, CC) C A C

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