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If you are looking for the goddess of Genesis tier list, then this is the right place for you. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the goddess of Genesis on the top-tier list. Here is the complete list of Gogs Tier List 2022 updated. The tier list for the goddess of Genesis was made by our team. We have collected information from some 3rd party websites, youtube channels, and the official goddess of Genesis characters since the beginning of the game’s release.

We are just trying to make Goddess of Genesis the best team in 2022, which will help to select characters in the game. This is the Goddess of Genesis tier list global version. Whatever you do, that doesn’t matter. This goddess of Genesis tier list will work for everyone. Also, check out Hero Summoner Tier List.

Some people are always looking for the best Genesis team goddess on the internet. We recommend that you follow the goddess of Genesis’s tier list. Because they have the strongest characters in the goddess of genesis.

Goddess Of Genesis Tier List


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Goddess Of Genesis Tier List 2022

According to 2022, the goddess of Genesis tier list has been updated here. Many times, new characters are released in this game. All the characters have been on our tier list since the game was released.

We classified the goddess of genesis characters list by tier S>tier A>tier B>tier C>tier D.

You know, “S” is the best tier list of any game. As a result, a gradual transition from a good to a low character tier list has occurred. Let’s enjoy the goddess of Genesis tier rank below.

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Last Update June 24

Goddess Of Genesis “S” Tier List

Actually, these all are top-level heroes, you can make a team using these characters.

Heroes Role
Dracula Guardian
Isabella Healer and also Support
Artemis Ranger
Lucifer DPS
Valkyrie DPS and also Guardian
Hades DPS and also Assassin
Alice CC and also Support
Bloody Mary CC and also DPS
Merlin DPS
Athena Healer and also Support
Lilith DPS
Venus Healer
Michael DPS
Cha Ng’e Healer and also Support
Hanzo Hattori DPS
Jester Assassin
Poseidon Guardian
Gabriel DPS and also Support

Goddess Of Genesis “A” Tier List

Heroes Tier
Cleopatra A
Tamamo A
Lancelot A
Apollo A
Protagonist A
Pandora A
Loki A
Medusa A
Snow White A
Cupid A
Marco Polo A

Goddess Of Genesis “B” Tier List

Heroes Tier
Fenrir B
Sherlock B
Michelin B
Slime King B
Angel B

Goddess Of Genesis “C” Tier List

Heroes Tier
Robin Hood C
Vivian C
Captain Kidd C
Shakespeare C
Gawain C
Red Riding Hood C

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Goddess Of Genesis Weapon Tier List

Remember that this is not an official Goddess of Genesis Weapon Tier List. We made it by researching online. So, it is very common. You may have different opinions.

Here we included some strong weapon names that should be used at least once. Let’s see the best weapons list below.

  1. Funeral of God
  2. Dragon Bane
  3. The Chosen
  4. Aurora Execution
  5. Athena’s Staff
  6. Key of Heaven
  7. Hera’s Sigh
  8. Underworld Judge
  9. Five Roaring Stars
  10. Lance of Eternity

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Goddess of Genesis Tier List Reddit

Reddit is the most powerful social media platform where lots of people share the goddess of Genesis tier list. So, there is a great opportunity to get an idea of a strong character and the best team. Then make your own tier list of whatever you like. Just search on Google for “gogs tier list” on Reddit and a huge number of results will show up for you. Then choose one by one from them.

Goddess of Genesis Best Heroes

Here we added the best 5 heroes in Goddess of genesis.

  1. Dracula
  2. Isabella
  3. lucifer
  4. Abe no seimei
  5. Alice


If you want to make a strong team, then follow the goddess of Genesis “S” tier list. Besides, we included the best weapon in the Goddess of Genesis game. So, you can get not only character but also weapon tier list ideas from here.

Let me know which is your favorite character and weapon. Please share it with everyone.

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