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Looking for Mid Lane Tier List 2022? So you are on the right page here you will get all the League of Legends Mid Lane character rankings.

For some players, especially casual players who are in it purely for the fun of it all, mid-lane is one of the simplest roles to carry in the League of Legends game. That is because being in the middle lets gamers roam other areas of the map with ease. This actually helps some mid-liners deal more damage and influence the game more coz of how easy the map can be.

Additionally, their best position also affords them plenty of opportunities to assist gamers in other lanes and those farming in the Jungle of the League of Legends game world.

With new game LOL patches being released every so often, it can be actually difficult for casual gamers to keep up with the best tier characters and the current champs. This is the reason why we have decided to come up with a LOL Mid Lane Tier List guide so now let’s start.

Mid Lane Tier List 2022

Mid Lane Tier List

Here we divide Mid Lane characters into 5 different categories, namely Tier – S, Tier – A, Tier – B, Tier – C, and Tier – D. Those that belong to Tier – S are godlike. Meaning to say, they are the best in almost every situation and are currently one of the most favored characters.

The Tier – A mid-liners characters are the ones you did go for if you are hesitant about going for Tier – S characters. They work really good in solo queues and are simple to learn and win with most of the time in the game.

Characters that fall under Tier – B are actually average and would likely require a significant amount of eforts to master. More often than not, Tier – C mid-liners are chosen during highly in-game-specific scenarios, for they require the best deal of skill from the gamers to shine truly.

Finally, those characters in Tier – D are the ones you can actually shy away from. They do not give extra benefit to those who play them and may only have actually a niche use.

S Tier – Mid Lane Tier List

Character Tier List
Anivia Tier – S
Camille Tier – S
Fiora Tier – S
Fiz Tier – S
Irelia Tier – S
Kassadin Tier – S
Katarina Tier – S
LeBlanc Tier – S
Malzahar Tier – S
Sett Tier – S
Tahm Kench Tier – S
Talon Tier – S
Zed Tier – S

A Tier – Mid Lane Tier List

Character Tier List
Aatrox Tier – A
Ahri Tier – A
Annie Tier – A
Darius Tier – A
Diana Tier – A
Ekko Tier – A
Galio Tier – A
Graves Tier – A
Jax Tier – A
Kayle Tier – A
Kennen Tier – A
Kled Tier – A
Lissandra Tier – A
Lux Tier – A
Malphite Tier – A
Poppy Tier – A
Qiyana Tier – A
Quinn Tier – A
Riven Tier – A
Shen Tier – A
Sylas Tier – A
Vayne Tier – A
Viktor Tier – A
Wukong Tier – A
Xerath Tier – A
Ziggs Tier – A

B Tier – Mid Lane Tier List

Character Tier List
Aurelion Sol Tier – B
Cassiopeia Tier – B
Corki Tier – B
Dr. Mundo Tier – B
Gangplank Tier – B
Garen Tier – B
Gnar Tier – B
Heimerdinger Tier – B
Jayce Tier – B
Lee Sin Tier – B
Neeko Tier – B
Ornn Tier – B
Renekton Tier – B
Rengar Tier – B
Seraphine Tier – B
Tristana Tier – B
Tryndamere Tier – B
Twisted Fate Tier – B
Veigar Tier – B
Vel’Koz Tier – B
Viego Tier – B
Zoe Tier – B

C Tier – Mid Lane Tier List

Character Tier List
Gwen Tier – C
Illaoi Tier – C
Maokai Tier – C
Mordekaiser Tier – C
Pantheon Tier – C
Rumble Tier – C
Singed Tier – C
Sion Tier – C
Teemo Tier – C
Trundle Tier – C
Volibear Tier – C
Yasuo Tier – C

D Tier – Mid Lane Tier List

Character Tier List
Akali Tier – D
Akshan Tier – D
Cho’Gath Tier – D
Lillia Tier – D
Lucian Tier – D
Nasus Tier – D
Orianna Tier – D
Ryze Tier – D
Ryze Tier – D
Syndra Tier – D
Urgot Tier – D
Vladimir Tier – D
Warwick Tier – D
Yone Tier – D
Yorick Tier – D
Zac Tier – D

LOL Mid Lane Tier List In Visuals

Here is the League of Legends Mid Lane tier list in graphic format

Mid Lane Tier List

Get Mid Laner Characters Extra Benefits

Generally, there are 2 different types of mid-lane characters: the assassins and the casters. The Casters are usually the ones who actually become AP Carrys, while the Assassins tend to be AD — even though they can some times be AP too.

Now that you have a better idea of who to pick, you can make the most out of your gaming experience by knowing and having 3 things: your characters item build, their skill priority, and your game play plan.

Having a full view of the first 2 can help you come up with a game plan that will actually make your in-game experience all the more fun and allow you to more support your team most efficiently and effectively possible.

FAQs About LOL Tier List Mid Lane

Here are some questions and answers related to League of Legends Mid Lane tier list

Q. What Is The Benefits Of Mid Lane Tier List?

Through the League of Legends Tier List for Mid Lane you will get to know who is the best League of Legends champion and choosing that to improve your gameplay.

Q. Who Are The Best Mid Lane Champions?

Tier – S characters are the best League of Legends Champions that some of are Anivia, Camille, Kassadin, Malzahar, Katarina and etc.

Q. Who Are The Worst Mid Lane Champions?

Mid Lane Tier – D Champions are the Worst characters in the game you should try to avoid them.


We hope this League of Legends Tier List Mid Lane is helpful for you. In this tier list guide we ranked all the League of Legends champions from Tier – S to Tier – D that is from best to worst.

If you think some League of Legends champions deserved batter ranking so comment on us and also share your posotive feedback, Happy League of Legends Gaming.

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