Download and install Vidmate App which is the best HD video downloader software available for Android. Get free latest HD movies, songs, and your favorite TV shows.

Take Note: Google Play Store Policy restricts an application providing free youtube video download and Therefore, Vidmate app is not available on play store. We ensure that it is bug-free and secure.

Many of the Android users must’ve heard about Vidmate App even as it is a popular tool for browsing media content and downloading the same easily.


Features of VidMate App

We would like to point out the features of the Vidmate for our users. Here is a list of some cool features that will surely excite you to for the app;

1. Free and Safe

It is absolutely free and safe for its users. As we said all links have been verified and tested.

2. Fast Download

free vidmate

The download feature is very fast compared to other apps. Though internet connection would matter for any application, it is faster than other apps having the same speed as the network connection.

3. Easy Access


Users of the App can easily watch movies, shows, videos and other content for free online. They can download the content if they wish to by merely tapping the button.

4. Simultaneous Download


It can handle multiple downloading sessions simultaneously without affecting the speed much. Up to 3 files can be downloaded simultaneously and the rest will queue.

5. Easy Resume

Resume Vidmate Download

If the download is paused due to loss of internet connection or any other reasons, then the user can easily resume when the connection is regained. The user will not have to start from the begining.

There is a lot more that you will experience with the vidmate app as you use it. Hence, download it and enjoy free services.

It redefines the use of an entertainment app as a browser or vice versa. With the app on your Android device, you can be sure to search for any media file that you wish to enjoy. It may be a video, a music file, a movie, or any other. Vidmate searches several open resources and serves the content to its users.

How to use VidMate on Android smartphones

The Vidmate interface is slick and users can also switch the “Wizard mode” on to get help on downloading and using the app contents. All the great features are available easily on the screen options of the Vidmate App. Though, at times some users tend to miss the best features that are few clicks away from them.

Under separate situations, different functions and steps are in to be taken hence we have elaborated few situations for our readers to understand the functioning of the Vidmate App.

To navigate the app on the first launch

When you first download the Vidmate App on your device, you will launch it for the first time. Here is what you can do to navigate through the app for the first time:

  • You will see the main screen filled with suggested and top trending videos or movies.
  • You will notice that the screen looks similar to a web browser in which you have a search icon on top bar.
  • Together with that, you will see different categories of the content.
  • The settings panel can be accessed along with different other tools through the bar that pops up when you select the left-hand bottom icon.
To Download the desired content

Follow the steps given here below to understand the technique of getting the desired video or audio content:

  • Search for the desired video or audio file using the app or any other browser on your device.
  • The App tools will detect download link and a symbol of “round circle with a down arrow” will pop up on the right-hand corner of the page.
  • Click on it and another related setting will prompt up.
  • Choose the location to store the content and begin with it
  • The user can navigate their content by viewing it in the “Downloads” section of the Vidmate menu.
To play the content

After getting your desired content, you will now wish to play it.

  • Open downloads section.
  • Click on the file you wish to play.
  • An app selection wizard will pop up asking for your desired media player to view the content.
  • Select your appropriate player or play it in the default mobile media player.
  • Also, after downloading the file, the user can locate the file and play it directly on any of the media players.

If the user does not want to download a file, he/she can directly stream it through the “Play Online” option which will pop up with the download option.

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