Honkai impact 3 Tier List 2022 (Best Characters & Weapon )


Honkai impact is a popular mobile video game. It is well-known for its Cthulhu-inspired design and strategy idle. Every player has their own distinct brain-burning strategy. Perhaps you will enjoy this game as well.

Let’s discuss the tier list for honkai impact 3. This is the key point of our article. We have put together the greatest team for our tourists in order for them to succeed as new or returning players. We need to work on compiling a list of the top auto heroes.

Our collection of honkai impact tiers is comprehensive. Since the game’s release, all of the heroes have been available here. I’m hoping it’ll be one of the best honkai impact classes yet.

Honkai impact 3 Tier List
Honkai impact 3 Tier List

Honkai Impact Tier List

Honkai Impact 3 Game Info

  • Initial release date: October 14, 2016
  • Game Developer: miHoYo
  • Game Publishers: miHoYo, SU, YU-WEI
  • Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows
  • Game Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Honkai impact 3 Tier List 2022: New

New Update June 24

Here, we added the Honkai impact 3 character tier list. This list will be helpful for you to get the best of character. The honkai impact 3rd tier list is given below.

Honkai impact 3 Character Tier List

 (Tier S)

  • Kiana (Nether Herrscher)
  • Fu Hua (Shadow Knight)
  • Theresa (Heavenly hymn)
  • Bronya (Dimensional Breaker)

(Tier A)

  • Fu Hua (Nocturnal squire)
  • Kiana (Knight Moon Ray)
  • Fu Hua (Phoenix)
  • Bronya (Valkyrie’s chariot)
  • Bronya (Dark Core)
  • Bronya (Snowy sniper)
  • Rita (Phantom iron)
  • Rita (Moonsoul)

(Tier B)

  • Kallen (Sixth serenade)
  • Murata Himeko (Bloody rose)
  • Murata Himeko (Eclipse vermilion knight)
  • Fu Hua (Accipiter Valkyrie)
  • Rita (Umbrella Rose)
  • Yae Sakura (Gushinnso Memento)
  • Yae Sakura (Flaming Sakitama)

(Tier C)

  • Yae Sakura (Miko Gyakushinn)
  • Murata Himiko (Scarlet fusion)
  • Murata Himiko (Valkyrie’s Triumph)
  • Murata himeko (Kriegsmesser)
  • Kallen (Sundenjager)
  • Kallen (Imayoh ritual)
  • Mei (Shadow haste)
  • Theresa (Violet Executor)
  • Theresa (Sakuno rondo)
  • Theresa (Luna kindred)

(Tier D)

  • Murata Himeko (Battle storm)
  • Mei (Scarlet pulse)
  • Mei (Valkyrie Bladestrike)
  • Kiana (White comet)

Honkai impact 3 Weapon Tier List 2022

Here we added the all-category best weapon list.

  • Pistols – Kiana Kaslana and Kallen Kaslana;
  • Gauntlets – Fu Hua;
  • Scythes – Rita Rossweisse and Seele Vollerei;
  • Lance – Durandal and Asuka.
  • Katanas – Raiden Mei and Yae Sakura;
  • Cannons – Bronya Zaychik;
  • Crosses – Theresa Apocalypse;
  • Greatswords – Murata Himeko, Rozaliya Olenyeva and Liliya Olenyeva.

Source link: https://honkaiimpact3.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon

Game Suggestion

If you are a new player, this post can be helpful for your gameplay. Because from Honkai impact 3 tier list, you can know which character will more helpful for you. Then you can upgrade them one by one.


You can get the Honkai impact tier list and the Honkai impact 3 weapon tier list on this page, which you can use to choose the best characters in the game.


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