Elden Ring Where you should go first


Ring of Elden is a genuinely huge game that can be a bit overwhelming when you first dive into the world of the Lands Between, but where exactly should you go first?

The game is a genuinely remarkable experience and has received rave reviews from across the gaming world.

Per Metacritic, the game is rated 97, and the 57 reviews added are positive. It means that it is the best-reviewed PS5 game released to date and is now also listed as the 13th Best Game of All Time.

That’s a very lofty compliment and it’s understandable that gamers around the world have been itching to immerse themselves in the world that From Software has created.

Now, it must be said here that numerous players diving in will be experienced From Soft players, the kind of players who have finished multiple Dark Souls games, as well as Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

But that may not be for everyone. If you are one of the gamers who have picked up a copy of Elden Ring due to the incredible critical reception and have never played a FromSoft game before, we are here to help you on your way.

Once you’ve created your character and dived in, take a look at the best places to visit in the first few hours.

Where to go first in Elden Ring

So, you will start with an inevitable boss battle in a castle that you must lose. Don’t be discouraged when the first boss beats you; It will happen, trust us.

After that, you’ll wake up in a cave, and that’s where we’re going to start this list.

do the tutorial

From Software is not like other developers. They will absolutely not hold your hand and will make you know where you need to go all the time.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to miss the tutorial entirely, which is found in the cave area.

You’ll want to leave the first ledge at the start of the game: looking down, you’ll see a shiny object that you’ll want to hit, and then you’ll meet your first supposed boss, who features to fight, and how to dodge and parry and all that good stuff.

It’s important to do this if you’re new, and it’s very easy to just go to the big doors and open them, going straight into the game.

Elden Ring doesn’t tell you there’s a tutorial, nor does it tell you if you missed it; make sure to jump off the ledge!

Activate three Sites of Grace

This is absolutely vital.

Once you exit the cave and enter Limgrave, you’ll see your first grace site directly in front of you, next to a white-faced NPC named Varre. Touch the grace and rest in it, so you can come back later.

Once you’ve done that, head to the Elleh Church. You’ll be able to see it as soon as you open the door, and it’s just past the Tree Sentinel boss. It’s easy to avoid, and you really should avoid it; he’ll beat you in a couple of hits if you’re not leveled up properly, and he’s not meant to be attacked right away.

You will find another place of grace in the church; play it and rest before buying a craft kit from the vendor in the church. Also take the smithy stone at the back of the church. That will be of great help in the future, just like a torch.

Then you’ll want to head to the entrance ruins. There is a path next to Elleh Church that runs north. Follow that though be prepared to face some soldiers along the way. When you reach an open plain and see an enemy camp, head left and find the grace site. Tap it and rest, and a movie will play introducing you to Finger Maiden Melina.

She is important, as she gives you the ability to level up the grace spots you find in the world, and she will also give you the Spectral Steed Whistle, which will allow you to summon Torrent and ride a horse around the world.

After this, we recommend fast traveling back to Elleh Church; there you will meet a witch named Ranni. Talking to her will grant you the Spirit Call bell and the ability to bring three wolves into the game to fight by your side. They are very useful. Please note that Ranni will only appear at night.

The third grace site is Stormhill Shack. Jump over Torrent and run through the gate, dodging enemy attacks and head north. You will find the site, where you need to rest, and then you will go to the hut, where you will meet an NPC. She will give you Spirit Medusa Ashes, which deals poison damage to bosses.

Take the first map

This, luckily, is not difficult at all. If you have already visited the entrance ruins, there will be a map fragment at the bottom of a stone slab, which is near the top of the enemy camp.

We recommend just running to him in Torrent and then running away; there is probably too much The enemies to deal with here.

Grabbing the map will allow you to plot your paths when it comes to traversing and also figure out where you want to go next and how much of the world you’ve actually seen.

Find the wondrous Physick flask

The Flask of Wondrous Physick will be vital to most players throughout their games and you can pick it up soon.

Head to the Third Church of Marika, which is northeast of the Waypoint Ruins; once you have the map, you will be able to find it quite easily.

Interact with the statue in the middle of the church to get the flask and two crystals that you can mix.

What this can do is essentially give you a huge boost to your health when you replenish, as long as you mix up the right crystals, or you can use it to increase your magic, depending on what type of build you’re using.

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