Does Ghislaine Maxwell Have Children?


Prince Andrew has denied any allegations of child abuse made against him by Ghislaine Maxwell.
In a statement issued through his lawyers, Prince Andrew said the claims were “completely false and without foundation.”
Maxwell has not commented publicly on the allegations.
In a lawsuit filed in London’s High Court in August, model Sarah Ferguson alleged that her son, Fergus, was beaten with a belt by Prince Andrew when he was 13 years old. According to the lawsuit, Maxwell witnessed the abuse and did nothing to stop it.
Ferguson also claimed that Maxwell took part in cover-ups of Andrew’s philandering.

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Does Ghislaine Maxwell have Children?

Despite not having any of her own, Ghislaine Maxwell is supposedly the stepmother to her husband’s children from his previous marriage.

Maxwell reportedly married tech millionaire Scott Borgerson in secret in 2016.

According to her brother Ian, Maxwell’s own family was unaware of the wedding until her bail hearing.

The first time we learned they were married was when the word “spouse” was used in the bond hearing, he told The Post.

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Her brother went on to say that Maxwell and Borgerson kept “the most private of lives to protect their young children. She did not want to submit her family to the publicity”

Maxwell and Borgerson reportedly first met in 2013, when the latter was still married to his now ex-wife, Rebecca.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed source said: “Scott left his wife for Ghislaine around five years ago. It’s just egregious what’s happened to Rebecca.

“Rebecca and Scott seemed like a really nice couple. But as time went on, he was very preoccupied and would be on his cell phone a lot, presumably on business calls. He was away a lot for work.”

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Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell is a British former socialite and convicted sex offender. She was found guilty in 2021 of child sex trafficking and other offences in connection with the financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Born in France, Maxwell was raised in Oxford.


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