Darkest Dungeon Tier List (Best Team) 2022

Welcome to another game tier list. Here we make the best darkest dungeon team tier list. Darkest Dungeon has available lots of heroes. They have different types of roles in the game. The Darkest Dungeon tier list has been made according to 2022. 

Darkest Dungeon is a role-playing game. Here players can build a team to explore various dark dungeons. In this game 14 classes are available. So, you have to choose the best characters to make a strong team survive in-game.

We try our best to make the darkest dungeon boss tier list. Here all information is collected from the top-class player, legend YouTubers, and high authority websites.

Darkest Dungeon Tier List
Darkest Dungeon Tier List


Dffoo Tier list

Darkest Dungeon Tier List 2022

Actually, a tier list means distinguishing between the top and worst characters of a game. We can divide the darkest dungeon characters tier list into four ways that are S, A, B, and C. We will explain below what is the meaning of these four characters.

Let explain the meaning of S, A, B, and C. Check the Darkest dungeon tier list defined below.

S = Which are top heroes

A = Which are good heroes

B = Which are normal heroes

C = Which are bad heroes

Last Update July 22

Darkest Dungeon Heroes Tier List

Here is the complete darkest dungeon hero tier list. This is all the heroes tier list that has come so far. It is a unique combination of heroes as well. You can choose heros from this list whatever you like. Check out below our darkest dungeon top-tier classes.

Let’s see the Darkest dungeon best skills for each hero.

Darkest Dungeon “S” Tier List

Hero Max HP
Plague Doctor 22
Hellion 26
Houndmaster 21
Vestal 24
Grave Robber 20

Darkest Dungeon “A” Tier List

Hero Max HP
Leper 35
Bounty Hunter 25
Shieldbreaker 20
Crusader 33

Darkest Dungeon “B” Tier List

Hero Max HP
Flagellant 22
Arbalest 27
Highwayman 23
Jester 19

Darkest Dungeon “C” Tier List

Hero Max HP
Man-at-Arms 31
Abomination 26
Occultist 19
Antiquarian 17

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Darkest Dungeon Class Guide

if you want to know the darkest dungeon best skills for each class. then you can follow our darkest dungeon pvp tier list. They’re the strongest team that has been made hope you like it.

You can go to youtube and search the darkest dungeon tier list. lots of videos come in front of you. From there you can get ideas for Darkest Dungeon Class. Besides, you can follow legend players and ask them which team is best then you can make list like your mind.

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Darkest Dungeon Tier List Reddit

Everyone wants to get the best tier list. Sometimes, it can be hard for you to get the darkest dungeon best positions. Reddit is the best solution for finding the darkest dungeon favorite heroes. 

You can see lots of people post on Reddit after making the darkest dungeon Tier List. So you can get an idea which heroes are best for you. At last, I will say the darkest dungeon best heroes Reddit is one of the best features to make the best team as you want.


If you like to play the darkest dungeon game then make a strong team. Our darkest dungeon class tier list will help to make the best team in Darkest Dungeon. You can make also a better team list as you like. 

You can share your team with others by commenting below.I hope it will make strong bonding each other as a friend.

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