Can You Play Split Screen on Fortnite? Answered


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Fortnite is, first and foremost, a social experience. While you can play by yourself, it’s best enjoyed in an online party or with a buddy on the couch. This is true on any platform, though some platforms may find the notion a bit more restrictive than others. So, can you play split screen on Fortnite?

Can You Play Split Screen on Fortnite? Answered

Split screen functionality was added to Fortnite on a permanent basis as of the v19.01 patch. Unless otherwise noted, you can play split screen on Fortnite on any supported console, and it’s pretty easy too.

To get a split screen game going in Fortnite, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the lobby on the hosting player’s Fortnite profile
  2. Turn on a second controller and use it to log into the guest player’s Fortnite profile
  3. Press the Triangle/Y button on your controller to add the guest player to the lobby
  4. Once the game starts, the host player should be visible on the top half of the screen, while the guest player should be visible on the bottom half

There are a few conditions and caveats you should be aware of when playing split screen in Fortnite. Firstly, split screen mode is only usable on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices cannot support split screen play, and Epic hasn’t revealed any plans to change that.

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Secondly, you can only play split screen in Duos and Squads mode. You and your friend can join an online lobby together with other players, but you can’t both be independent or on different teams. You can still use cross-play when playing split screen, though.

If you and your buddy need some help getting adjusted, don’t forget to visit our Fortnite section for information and tips!


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