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Looking for Anime Adventures Traits so you reach the best spot. Here in this post, you will get Anime Adventures all the modifiers and traits, their boosts, their chances, and how to get them through star remnants & summons.

Now without wasting time let’s start the Anime Adventures Traits list.

Anime Adventures Traits 2022

Anime Adventures Traits

Traits are in-game modifiers that apply to your unit, like more range, more damage to bosses, etc. When you actually summon a unit, it can come with a trait or you can reroll traits with the use of Star Remnants in the game.

Here are all the Anime Adventures traits, ordered from worst to best chances:

1 Superior Damage +10%
2 Superior Damage +12.5%
3 Superior Damage +15%
1 Range Range +10%
2 Range Range +12,5%
3 Range Range +15%
1 Nimble ATK Speed +5%
2 Nimble ATK Speed +7.5%
3 Nimble ATK Speed +12%
Culling + damage dealt to low HP opponents
Adept Unit levels up much quicker.
Sniper Range +25%
God Speed ATK Speed +20%
Reaper 20% more DMG dealt to bosses and 10 percent increase in DMG to regular enemies.
Golden 5% Increases money gained from units.
Divine Increases Range by 20%, DMG by 20%, and Increase ATK Speed by 10%.
Unique Increases damage by 50% range by fifteen percent and increases attack speed by ten percent, only one is allowed on a single unit.

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Anime Adventures Traits Chances

The chances can actually change over time, so we suggest you check them, go to Whis and then click on Trait Chances. Currently, Anime Adventures Chances are the following

Rare Traits Chances —

  • Nimble chances – 25%
  • Range chances – 25%
  • Superior chances – 30%

Legendary Traits Chances —

  • Godspeed chances – 1%
  • Sniper chances – 2.5%
  • Culling chances – 5%
  • Adept chances – 10%

Mythical Traits Chances —

  • Divine chances – 0.2% (rarest but best trait)
  • Golden chances – 0.2% (rarest but best trait)
  • Reaper chances – 0.6%


Hopefully, you enjoy this Anime Adventures Traits post. In this post, we covered Anime Adventures all the modifiers and traits, their chances, their boosts, and how to get them through star remnants & summons.

If you have any questions related to Anime Adventures Traits so comment box is always open for and also share your valuable feedback.

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