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Among Us Bundle Fortnite: Fortnite is known to do many collaborations, from joining the Avengers in an MCU collab to becoming a shinobi in the Naruto collab, Epic Games have really spread their wings out. Now the game has been updated with their most recent collaboration and that is with Among Us. So now everything is sus in the entire community, the meme has been revived or at least I hope so, I have a soft spot for the game and the memes it brought into our gaming community.

Among Us was released a year before the COVID lockdown, but it reached its peak during the lockdown when all of us had nothing to do. The game was built on a very simple premise, there is a spaceship, and there are many crewmates but one or perhaps more are there to sabotage the spaceship, an easy enough concept to understand. But the main attraction of the game became the various accusations and evidence we could throw around while talking. Making the game range from a mere 5 mins to 30-40 mins of absolute hell.

Now you might be thinking what could Fortnite possibly do with a collaboration with Among Us since the game has has a downfall of active players since its peak. Well to be honest with you, the community still has a good fanbase and many groups of friends and community are still active.

Thus the amazing Among US Bundle that Fortnite has released. And the cherry on top, Fortnite has released a new game mode called Fortnite Imposters Mode. So, grab the Among Us Bundle and get online right now and enjoy the new content. Here is everything you need to know:

Among Us Bundle Fortnite – What All Is In The Bundle?

Among Us Bundle Fortnite

The bundle contains, a new Crewmate backpack bling which will be available in a variety of colors – Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, and Purple. And a new dance emote called Distraction Dance.

While many of us may have hoped to go around in a spacesuit just blowing people up, looking sus. But unfortunately, the backpack bling and the dance emote are all that are available for now. But, I will be honest the Among Us Bundle is still worth it because the backpack looks awesome.

Among Us Bundle Fortnite – How Long Do We Have to Get the Bundle?

Well, there is some good news on that front, the Among Us Bundle will be available till the 9th of June 2023. However, after that it seems it will the items will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop later and you will be able to obtain those items after that with V-Bucks. I suggest just going for the Among Us Bundle right now, why wait for awesome cosmetics.

Among Us Bundle Fortnite – How to Get the Bundle?

Among Us Bundle

To get the goodies wrapped in the Among Us Bundle, all you need to do is go to your Epic Games account and search for Among Us and purchase the game, if you already have the game you can also buy the Among Us Star Pack. Then all you need to do is, start-up Fortnite from the Epic Games launcher and you will receive the Among Us Bundle in-game.

Both Among Us and Fortnite are amazing games, if you haven’t tried either, you should definitely give it a go. Though very different genres of games, one being a battle royale and the other being a social deduction game they couldn’t possibly be more different, except of course when the Imposter just shoots someone in the head. Overall a great collaboration and the Among US Bundle is a great addition to the cosmetics available in the game.

I hope this was informative to you all and please feel free to browse other content available if you are excited after this and just wanna play some games, bookmark this tab so you can come back to it anytime and get the latest updates with us.

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