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Do you want Alpha Bunker Code 2022? So you are at the right spot here you will get all the updated last day on earth alpha bunker code.

Alpha Bunker is actually one of several Army bunkers that can be seen on the in-game Global Map. There are a ground floor level and 4 underground sub-levels that can be entered with a passcode “obtainable from in-game dead soldiers in resource areas or with CB Radio”.

The underground floors can be quite hard for beginners, therefore it is a good idea to bring decent weapons and armor to these floors. This is absolutely true for the hard mode in the game. Now without wasting time let’s start the bunker Alfa code today.

Last Update – 5th July 2022

What is Alpha Bunker Code 2022?

From Alpha Bunker sublevels access, a unique code must be entered into the computer in the main in-game building on the ground floor. This code key changes every 2 days and must be manually entered all the time to bunker resets (after 48 hours it was last accessed).

The passcode is shared between all gamers on a particular OS (IOS and Android users have different bunker alfa codes) and can be found at the following in-game locations:

Alpha Bunker Code

CB Radio – This in-game furniture can be built in your home base, and a number (2/3) or an exclamation point (!) icon “Dependent if you have the Dealer or the Raider Joe on the radio” will actually appear over it to notify you of a new daily bunker alfa code.

Tune in to the right frequency to view the new bunker alfa code. After two days, the door will actually closed, and it uses the new bunker alpha codes.

Dead Soldier – This corpse is actually found in resource zones and viewed as a red (X) on the Mini-map in those zones. Upon looting this in-game corpse, a dialogue box will display the current bunker alpha code today. These soldiers do not have any in-game items.

Bunker Alfa Code July 2022 Code List

Here are the list of bunker Alfa code July 2022 list.

S.No. Date Alfa Bunker Code
1. July 01-02  53514
2. July 03-04  36589
3. July 05-06  69254
4. July 07-08  95021
5. July 09-10  55724
6. July 11-12  52113
7. July 13-14  20883
8. July 15-16  07549
9. July 17-18  71294
10. July 19-20  18245
11. July 21-22  85112
12. July 23-24  52847
13. July 25-26  22433
14. July 27-28  21932
15. July 29-30  18492
16. July 31 84145

Alfa Bunker June Codes List

S.No. Date Alfa Bunker Code
1. June 01-02  61103
2. June 03-04  14326
3. June 05-06  48089
4. June 07-08  81085
5. June 09-10  13865
6. June 11-12  30052
7. June 13-14  00250
8. June 15-16  08837
9. June 17-18  80861
10. June 19-20  02698
11. June 21-22  28555
12. June 23-24  88552
13. June 25-26  86322
14. June 27-28  65601
15. June 29-30  55978

What is Bunker Alfa ?

Exploring the bunker’s lower levels can be really attractive for those who are capable of surviving its actually dangers.

Alpha Bunker Code

In addition to loot filled in-game reward chests, the bunker also offers various methods for modifying various firearms and opponents or enemies. If you have not play the Last Day on Earth Survival game yet download the game from Google Play.

FAQs >>

Here are some questions and answers related to Bunker Alpha Code

Q. What is The Code of Alpha Bunker?

Bunker Alpha codes are actually changed every two days or 48 hours. In this post above we mentioned all the June Alpha Bunker codes so simply check and access.

Q. Where is The Alpha Bunker Access Card?

Access cards for Bravo and Alfa are commonly dropped by zombies in quarry zones and forest, at Airdrop, and in Alfa Bunker.

But, CAC A can also be located in-game a Destroyed convoy. CAC A can be found by killing zombies in the yellow and green zone after you invite the raiders to the in-game home.

Q. What is Needed For Alfa Bunker?

One normal m16a4 to destroy Three small turrets (or Glock with red dot sight) is actually needed in Alfa Bunker. One AK47 to destroy the second heavy turret, so the first one can pass through.

The third heavy turret can actually destroy or not if you want to get some in-game material ( but we think it is unnecessary). Some melee weapons to kill zombies with wall trick in-game skill.

Final Words

Hopefully, you like this Alpha Bunker Code. In this post, we covered all the last day on earth Alpha Bunker code from June month. Remember that the bunker alfa code will change every two days so use the code before it will change.

We monthly update this post so don’t worry here you will get always all the new ldoe Bunker Alpha Code. Also, bookmark this page to get all the future Bunker Alfa code updates.

If you have any questions related to the Last Day on Earth Bunker Code so ask in the comment section and thanks for reading the complete post, Happy Last Day on Earth Gaming.

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