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Who is Lubor J. Zink?

Lubor Jan Zink was a Czech-Canadian columnist and writer known for his anti-Communism. Zink immigrated to Canada with his wife and son in 1958 and became the editor of the Brandon Sun in Manitoba. In 1961, his editorials earned him a National Newspaper Award, and he was hired as an Ottawa-based columnist by the Toronto Telegram. In 1963, he was granted Canadian citizenship. When the Telegram folded in 1971, he went to work for the Toronto Sun, where he became one of the paper’s first employees.

Lubor J. Zink – former Toronto Telegram and Toronto Sun columnist, deceased

Although he was a member of the Ottawa press gallery and his column was ostensibly about national affairs, it was primarily a platform for his vehement anti-Communism. It frequently criticized Soviet foreign policy, Western liberals who supported negotiations with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whom Zink regarded as a “crypto-Communist.”

Zink also mocked the federal government’s social programs of the 1960s and 1970s, writing in 1965, “What comes next on the list of womb-to-tomb welfare? There’s legalcare, morticare, carcare, housecare, leisurecare, and a plethora of other options.” Zink’s federal political columns were collected in three books: Trudeaucracy (1972), Viva Chairman Pierre (1977), and What Price Freedom?.

Zink ran as the Progressive Conservative candidate for a federal parliamentary seat in Parkdale in the 1972 and 1974 federal elections. He finished second on both occasions. His columns in the Toronto Sun were syndicated throughout the Sun News network and were also picked up by the Christian Science Monitor in the United States. His anti-Communist themes persisted during the era of détente and glasnost, prompting many of his detractors to dismiss him as a Cold War relic or a “one-trick pony who never got over the communist era.” Zink ended his column in 1993, having survived the Velvet Revolution and the fall of the Soviet Union, and in declining health.

What is Lubor J. Zink Age?

Lubor J. Zink was born in 1920 and died on November 6, 2003. At the time of his death, he was 80 years old. His cause of death is unknown to the general public. When the information becomes available, we will update this section.

What is Lubor J. Zink Net Worth?

Lubor J. Zink was among the best Canadian journalists. It is estimated that his net worth falls somewhere in the range of $1 million to $3 million. He acquired most of his wealth as a direct result of how successful his journalism career is.

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