Bom Kim Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Wiki, and More 2021

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Bom Kim is known to be the CEO and founder of Coupang, the country’s fastest-growing e-commerce site so far. Coupang is revolutionizing South Korea’s online retail industry by cutting costs and investing extensively in fast deliveries, similar to Amazon in the United States.


Full Name Bom Kim
Titel Founder and CEO of Coupang
Profession Korean-American businessman and internet entrepreneur
Date of birth 7 October 1978
Age (as 2021) 42 Years
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Current residence South Korea
South Korea Flag
and America
American flag
Nationality South Korean
Religion No religion (Rumor)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net Worth ( as Jun 2021) US$6.79 billion
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Early Life and Education

He was born in Seoul and moved to the United States when he was seven years old. He went to Deerfield Academy, a boarding school in Massachusetts, where he embossed in varsity wrestling and running, and afterward joined Harvard University; he also attended Harvard Business School but backed out after only six months.


Kim temporarily worked at Boston Consulting Group after working at The New Republic and founding Current, a student magazine, before raising $4 million to launch 02138, which collapsed in 2009.

Kim established Coupang in 2010 and now has raised over $3.8 billion in venture funding from companies including Sequoia Capital, Softbank, BlackRock, and others.

Bom Kim

The Journey of Coupang

Coupang began in the late 2000s as a daily deal site similar to Groupon. However, as the scope of e-commerce expanded, Kim swiftly shifted to an eBay-inspired third-party marketplace.

The Company was a huge success. Kim said that the Company had reached $1 billion in revenue and was on the verge of an IPO within three years. He withdrew the transaction and significantly modified the company strategy at the eleventh hour, confident he could produce something better. As a result, Kim chose to start over, reimagining Coupang as an end-to-end shopping platform capable of managing the entire customer journey from desktop to door. According to Kim, this includes establishing Coupang’s own UPS-style logistics company, Rocket Delivery, with the goal of “delighting” clients and improving South Korea’s disjointed postal system.

Kim believed that attention to detail helped his Company stand out in a very competitive sector. Although Amazon was not present in South Korea, Coupang was crowned the consumers’ top online retailer last year, beating out local competitors such as Gmarket and 11Street.

Bom Kim wife
Do you know Bom Kim wife?

Coupang as a Role Model of South Korea

South Korea’s e-commerce market has been quickly expanding in recent years, and it is expected to overtake China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan this year to become the world’s fifth-largest. Meanwhile, the country is suitable for on-demand delivery services due to long working hours and densely populated cities. Coupang reacted forcefully to those market features. Today, Coupangmen, the Company’s over 5,000 drivers, deliver 99.3 percent of orders in less than 24 hours. Its new Dawn Delivery service promises to go above and beyond Amazon Prime, with purchases placed before midnight the night before being delivered at 7 a.m.

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Coupang had received a total of $3.6 billion from significant investors such as Softbank, Sequoia Capital, and BlackRock as of November 2018. According to Forbes, this has given the firm a $9 billion valuation, making it South Korea’s most valued start-up and propelling Kim to iconic billionaire status.

Unknown Facts Facts about Bom Kim

  • Kim was born in the city of Seoul. It’s worth noting that the city has gone by several different names over its history. When Seoul was still the capital of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea that flourished from 57 BC to 668 AD, it was known as Wiryeseong. Similarly, during the Joseon period, it was known as both Hanyang and Hanseong for a long time.
  • Having said that, Kim fled South Korea when he was only seven years old. He was enrolled in a boarding school in Deerfield, Massachusetts, by the age of thirteen.
  • Kim moved on to Harvard University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree. He eventually went to Harvard University’s graduate business school to study for a while. On the other hand, Kim dropped out of his program after only six months to pursue other options.
  • It’s safe to assume Kim is interested in publishing. For example, he interned at The New Republican, one of the most well-known political newspapers in the United States. It’s worth noting that the publication’s opinions have shifted dramatically during its existence.

Worked at Boston Consulting Group for a while

Kim worked for a while at Boston Consulting Group, which is essential since, along with Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company, it is considered one of the Big 3. On the other hand, Kim appears to be uninterested in this area of work, as he left when he was able to secure enough funds to start his next project.

Hasn’t Always Succeeded in His Business Ventures

The failure of a start-up is pretty standard. After all, compared to their more established rivals, start-ups have significantly smaller reserves, making it far more difficult for them to survive major setbacks. Furthermore, most start-ups must break into their target market, making their initial experience an uphill battle. Kim’s initial endeavor was a publication named 02138, which lasted for a while before dissolving in 2008. He didn’t take long to move on to his next endeavor, so it’s safe to assume he wasn’t too discouraged by his failure.

Didn’t Discover anything, but did modernize

The business model used by Coupang has been used before. It began with a daily-deal business model, in which an online retailer offers a single product at a significantly reduced price for a period of 24 to 36 hours. This provides a helpful sense of urgency, as interested people must act quickly before the opportunity passes them by. Regardless, the business model has been operational since the mid-2000s. However, it may be traced back even farther to internet shops active during the late-90s dot-com bubble. Of course, it would be a mistake to claim that Kim hasn’t innovated on the daily-deal business model, given that Coupang has prospered although a slew of well-known and not-so-well-known firms. 

His Company Reaped a lot of benefits from its Quick Deliveries.

Coupang has enjoyed the benefits of its quick deliveries, which offer same-day or next-day delivery of a large selection of products. It has experienced tremendous growth due to this and other circumstances, to the point where it currently has operations in nations other than South Korea.

Last but not the Least

Kim, born in Korea but raised in the United States, spent much of his childhood in New England, attending boarding school in Massachusetts before enrolling at Harvard. He stayed in Massachusetts, working at Boston Consulting Group until launching his own paper, 02138—Cambridge’s zip code—as an unofficial Harvard alumni newsletter. Before dissolving in 2008, the magazine remained afloat for two years, with a chunk of that time being under Atlantic Media’s ownership.

The Harvard dropout is probably unconcerned about his college selection now. His Company was designated “one of the 50 smartest companies in the world” by adjacent MIT in 2016, located at 02139, right next door to his alma university.

Bom Kim, 40, became South Korea’s second-youngest millionaire despite dropping out of Harvard Business School after six months and folding his first firm. That was accomplished by establishing Coupang, Korea’s counterpart to Amazon. Starting out as a daily-deals firm akin to Groupon (and, interestingly, Korea’s #1 diaper vendor), Coupang has grown into an e-commerce behemoth, with revenues of $4.1 billion in 2018 and a record investment from SoftBank.

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Randi Martin biography Age, affairs, net worth and more 2021

Randi Martin photo
Randi Martin photo

Randi Martin is the proud mother of Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is a renowned name for football fans. Currently, Patrick is the quarterback of the national football league of the USA. Let’s get to know more about this influential lady. In this, I will share with you Randi Martin’s biography with her all details and photo.

Randi Martin picture

If you want to be famous, you need breathtaking talent, great content online, a beautiful face, or something extraordinary to present in the world. But, imagine someone getting famous with none of those, as mentioned earlier, qualities at all.

Randi Martin Personal Info

Full Name  Randi Martin 
Nick Name  Randi
Date of birth June 25, 1972
Age 49 years ( as of 2021) 
Place of birth  Texas, United States of America
Current residence Kansas, Missouri, United States Of America
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Political view  Anti democratic party. Mostly a republican supporter. 

Randi Martin is currently living in a lavish villa in the Kansas State of America since 2019. The villa has 2759 square meters, and Randi’s son Patrick bought it for his mother and two other siblings. Upscale Mission Hills Country Club is near the mansion and Patrick’s regular venue for practicing soccer. The home has three main bedrooms with an attached bathroom, gym, swimming pool, hot sauna, chef’s kitchen, and modern facilities. 

Randi Martin Mahomes

Physical stats 

Height In inches: 5 feet and 8 inches In centimeters: 176 centimetersIn metres: 1.76 metres
Weight In kg: 67 kg In pound: 147.7 lbs 
Measurement Waist size: 26 inches Bust size: 34 (D) Hip size: 38 inches
Body ratio  34-28-38
Body type  Hourglass
Eye color  Brown
Skin color Caucasian
Hair color  Blue
Dress size  4 ( USA standard) 
Shoe size  7 ( USA standard)

Family Info

Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name  Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Brother Not revealed
Sister Not revealed
Pet Not revealed

Marital Status and love life 

Randi Martin with  her son Patrick Mahomes
Marital status Divorced
Date of marriage in the ’90s
Date of divorce 2006
Husband’s name Pat Mahomes
Boyfriend (s) No rumors
Children  Three
Daughter Mia Mahomes
Son Patrick Mahomes ( born on September 17, 1995)Jackson Mahomes ( born on May 15, 2000) 


Randi Martin’s husband used to work as a baseball pitcher in the Major League Baseball team from 1992 up to 2003. 

Randi Martin family picture


Randi and Pat had a long and happy married life, according to her. But, they ended up getting divorced in 2006 when Patrick was only eleven years old. In one of her interviews, Randi Martin stated that the first year after the divorce was very hard for Patrick. But, Randi and Pat were always on good terms and friendly towards the kids. It helped Patrick a lot to get out of depression and focus on their soccer career. 

Educational background

School Texas high schoolIt is a rumor that Randi Martin met Pat Mahomes after graduating from Texas high school. 
College Not available
University Not available

 An interesting fact about Randi Martin 

Randi Martin

There is no available information about Randi Martin’s early life, educational background, or parents. Randi Martin always maintained her private life with secrecy. So, the media could not get a hold of much. But, rumors say that Randi Martin works as a psychology professor at the Rice University of the United States of America. She is the Alma Mater of the University of Oregon, Portland State University, John Hopkins University, and some more. This Randi Martin has many publications and peer-reviewed papers on many communication disorders, damages due to stroke, and such. Also, she received her primary education at the University of Oregon and achieved MS in Psychology from Portland States University. 

But, taking the time Patrick Mahomes’s mother spends with her children and her son’s playfield, it might be a misunderstanding. As there is no detailed information available for both of these women with similar names, the confusion is understandable. 

Randi Martin Net worth 

Randi Martin did not disclose any personal or professional data to the media. It is the widespread belief that she is a homemaker. 

Per month payment  Not available
The total value of money  Two hundred thousand USD 


Randi Martin spends many of her assets on charity purposes, and She collaborated with a charity foundation named variety KC for a fundraising event. This Variety KC works for the betterment of the special kids. Also, Randi and her Charity 15 donated more than fifteen thousand dollars to a mercy Hospital. The amount will go for the development of a playground in the hospital compound for the kids. Randi Martin is a philanthropist in a sense. 

Fans and following

Randi Martin is not very popular on social media platforms. She does not have any verified social accounts. It is the reason that there is very little information available about her. So, if you want to find any authentic information about Randi Martin, then you might follow her son Jackson Mahomes with the same title in TikTok. Jackson is very famous with a whooping 809.7k followers and 27 million likes in TikTok. 

Randi Martin mohames
Facebook  No verified ID
Twitter  62.7 K 
Instagram  No verified ID 
Tiktok  No verified ID


Randi Martin personally is not a very controversial person. But, she is very protective of her children. Here are some instances where Randi Martin started a controversy while supporting her children. 

  • During a match in Miami, Patrick Mahomes faced injury. It forced him to take the sideline for the rest of the game. Randi Martin got angry and directly posted on Twitter mentioning a player called Willson. Wilson later testified that it was a mistake and he was not playing dirty. But, Kansas City fans and Randi Martin did not let the matter cool for a long time. 
  • Later on in February, during the Super Bowl, LV Randi Martin again took Twitter to the hauls. Randi sent an indicative message to Tom Brady’s wife, stating that Tom was getting advantage of a team reference. It gave him an extra edge during the first half of the game. But, later on, two women posted snaps that say the conversation was playful rather nasty. 

US Election Controversy

  • During the last US presidential election, Randi Martin made her position clear with a post against the current president, JoBiden. In one post, she stated that gasoline’s price will go higher than ever when Biden gets to the White House. 
  • In another post, Randi Martin bashed Biden’s supporters and said she would be happy to get rid of the ‘ Idiot’ followers who like Biden. 

Randi Martin is a very caring and supportive mother. She did not indulge in any guy scandal, money laundering, or everyday drama in the celebrity world. Being a charity person and caring towards children makes her worthy of the fame she got.

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