How a Java Engineer can Transform his career into Data Science

Data Scientist Salary and job profile is an icon for technical youth these days. People from different job profiles are switching to Data Science. There is a list of programming language which you can use for Data Science. In the list of preferable programming languages for Data Science Python and R are leaders. Now the question gets up, “How is Java for Data Science ? “. Can we build a Machine Learning Model using Java? If yes then How long does it take a Java Engineer to learn Data Science stuffs?

If you are a Java Engineer or having academic Java Background, this article may be a turning point for you. All you need to stick with this article by ending  ( How is Java for Data Science ? ). The best part of this article is,” You will get complete learning path of Data Scientist using Java in 7 steps  “.the best and  Strange part is you must have already used these API ( mention in learning path ) in your regular development work. The only difference is the objective of why you use it. This article will help you to connect your past created dots I mean your old knowledge of development into Data Science.   In this article, I will let you know about –

1. Learning Resources –

I never ignore this section, If you really want to start your career into data science form Java background, Reading an article is not enough. Although for an overview these are good for proper understanding, you should read some books.

1. Java for Data Science Book –

In my personal opinion, It is a good book with hands-on code. Frankly speaking, I have created this article after reading this awesome book. It is best for beginner and Intermediate guys in data science from java background. This book has 12 chapters. Each chapter is full of handy code as an example.

2. Mastering Java for Data Science

This book also covers data science basics into java. This book design will enable you to write production-ready data science application. It covers java basics very first followed by data science ( Machine Learning basics ). See this step by step approach to make you ready to grasp complete concepts. Otherwise directly jumping into complex topics XGBoost and Neural Network may confuse you.


2. How to Acquire data from ( PDF, CSV, Webpages, APIs, etc)  using Java?

As a Data scientist, you may have to extract the data from different data sources. Data could be structured or semi-structured like CSV or any SQL table. It could be unstructured like PDF, Twitter feeds or Facebook feeds. So You need to be an expert at this part first. Here are some Java API which you use to extract the data from these different sources and data Formats.

Java Libraries for PDF (Portable Document Format ) extraction –
There are several API exist for working on Pdf extraction stuff. There is a lot of stuff that you can easily do with these API. For example Pdf to Text Conversion, Split and Merge, etc. Here I am listing few of them –

  1. PDFBox
  2. Apache POI 

Java Libraries for CSV extraction –

As long as CSV ( Comma separated value) data extraction in Java is concerned, I think you should go with   OpenCV API. You will get complete documentation and Implementation example in popular coding websites like StackOverflow etc. It is the most popular API / Tool in general data extraction .because most of the time small training data have CSV format.

See ! you can do basic operation in CSV without using any API. All you need to use Scanner class to read and Load into List. After it, you can tokenize it using default Java Tokenizer.

Java Libraries for JSON manipulation –

As a Developer or Data Scientist, It is really difficult to say no to JSON. The clear reason to use JSON because usually when you call any third party API (Rest API ), You get the JSON response Right?

JSON has three different data processing model –

1. Streaming API-

It is useful when data has a large size. In this model, data is processed token by token.

2.  Tree Model –

It is useful when the data size is small because it loads the entire  JSON into the Memory.

3.Data Binding –

This model converts entire data into Java Object. Here are some API for JSON data Handling –

  1. Google-Gson API
  2. Jackson library
  3. Genson API

Java Libraries for XML manipulation –

XML ( Extensible Markup Language ) is used by Application communication. It consists of elements and tags which give it a structure. To handle XML in Java, You may use JAXP. JAXP has three interfaces for processing

  1. DOM (Document Object Model )parser –

It processes the whole document ( all elements at once). As it processes all elements at once it takes more memory resources. Obviously it also gives you the flexibility to access any element at any point in time.

       2. SAX (Simple API for XML )-

It processes a single element at one time. Obviously when your APPLICATION has memory concern. It is the best way of handling XML in all of the three interfaces.

        3. StAX ( Streaming API for XML )-

It is a hybrid model for the above two. It just trade-off between performance and Resources.

Java Library for Image Processing –

Image processing is one of the hottest topics in data science. How can you make sense out of an Image? It is really harder but OpenCV ( Open source computer Vision Library ) can make your life simpler. As a data scientist, you may need to resize or smooth an image. Apart from it, you may have to change the format, etc, I mean there are a variety of common tasks which you need to perform. OpenCV contains all such functions all you need to call them.

3. Cleaning of extracted data using Java-

The above section has a complete focus on capturing data. This section will lead you in cleaning your data. Whether for complex machine learning models or simple analysis Data should be validated around its completeness, uniformity, accuracy, and consistency.   In order to achieve that every data scientist plan a pipeline of the process to clean it.  There are so many names for this cleaning process data wrangling, data massaging, reshaping, or munging.

Process for data cleaning –

  1. Regular Text Processing –

If your data contains text, You may need to tokenize it. Most of the time you need to trim it also. All replace functions and lower upper case resolution are there in the core Java library. If you are more specific around it there is still the third API for it. My purpose here is to introduce you to this step and just give you an overview to achieve it.

      2.  Data imputation –

Missing data can make your analysis or prediction inaccurate. In order to go safer side, You should handle that advance. These missing values can be replaced by null or empty.

       3. Subsetting data your data –

This process is somehow related to sampling. If the data size is too large and you can not use it simultaneously, You should break into the part. The important thing is this sampling must be uniform.

        4. Another optional cleaning process-

Steps like sorting the data in a certain order are important but not mandatory. I will recommend you to validate the capture of the data. For example – you are scrapping a web and filtering all date values into it. Suppose you got the date but in different formats or Timezone.

So there are strong APIs for data cleaning which makes better Java for data science.

4. Java Libraries for Data Visualization-

Well till now, We have seen the API and process for data capturing and cleaning it. Now it is important to visualize it. In order to identify the pattern, Data visualization is a good way because humans understand better in pictures. Here you need to be sticky with Java API. In that place using any third party tool is a better way. Here is the list of Best Data visualization tools for data science.

Still, you want to do in Java code, You can easily achieve with –

  1. GRAL
  2. JavaFX

These graphical APIs are really easy to use. You will easily get the error trace on the open-source community. These give a strong base for java for data science. You can easily create a Bar chart, Histogram, Donut chart, and much more with these libraries.

Java for statistics-

Truly speaking, Here is the area where real data science work starts. Now you must be thinking, ”So what were we doing earlier “. The answer is pretty simple it was pre-processing. This pre-processing is equally important as machine learning or data mining stuff. Statistics is the heart of data science.

Here Role of API is very important. You can also do the basic task in a core programming language but API can save a lot of time. Usually, programming of such a statistical algorithm takes a longer time. It also needs so much of optimization.  As a Data Scientist, there are four statistical tasks which you need to perform on daily basis –

1.mean, mode, and median ( Central tendency )

2.Standard deviation and sampling.

3.Hypothesis testing

4.Regression analysis

You may use Apache Common and Guava API for the above task. Before practicing the syntax I will suggest going through such basic concepts of correlation, standard deviation. Now, let’s move to the next section of java for data science.

5. Text Analytics using Java  ( NLP )-

Text analytics is one of the hardest fields. The good news is,” There is still a lot of opportunities in NLP “. In the continuation of series java for data science. There are some powerful NLP framework which you should try-

  1. Stanford NLP-

Awesome set of libraries for all NLP stuffs. Using you can achieve the functionality of Name Entity Recognizer, Lemmertizer, stemmer, dependency parsing, and much more. It contains a multi-language corpus, So It’s possible now that you may use the NLP model for different languages apart from English.  It has a good accuracy model for Sentiment Analysis.

2. Apache OpenNLP-

Every NLP library does the same task for you like ( POS tagging, dependency parsing, etc ). The difference arises at the accuracy level. The accuracy also varies for different domains. Although while designing such a model, Training data is uniformly distributed.

3. DL4J –

This library brings the power of deep learning into the NLP domain. We have already gone through it in the Deep learning section. Actually these NLP frameworks and models are built on a huge corpus which slowdowns the performance some time. With DL4J there will be no performance issues as well.

      4. Other Java NLP libraries –

There are few for java NLP library which is also quite useful. Please have a look at it-

  1. UIMA
  2. LingPipe

How to Progress on NLP  with Java –

I know, you must be thinking if there so many NLP frameworks which one should I learn or I have to learn all. Right?  See, You need not learn all just go through the documentation of anyone. Make sure you understand the concept and functionality of NLP stuffs like ( Tokenizing, NER parsing, POS tagging, etc ). Once you have a basic understanding of the NLP concept, All you need to see the Syntax which is no big deal.

6. Machine Learning Java Libraries-

I often found people are confused about java for Machine Learning and java for data science . See both are different Machine learning is a part of data science. To uncover the basics of machine learning, Read the article – ”  What is Machine Learning “. Now to implement Machine Learning in Java use these java machine learning libraries –

  1. Apache Spark MLib 
  2. Weka 
  3. JBoost

There are so many machine learning algorithms under each machine learning category ( Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement ). You will get the module for these machine learning models in these Java machine learning libraries. All you need to fit these modules into your code and tune the parameter.

7. Deep Learning ( Neural Network) using Java-

The most popular word in the AI environment is Deep Learning these days. Before reading this section ahead it is essential to read the Difference between and Machine Learning. In Java we have –

  1. Deeplearning4J
  2. N-Dimensional Arrays for Java
  3. Encog

In these three,  Deeplearning4J  is the most popular ( personal opinion). Using these API, You can build complex Neural networks like ( Recurrent Neural Network, Conventional Neural Network, etc ).

8. Big Data with Java-

This is AI and Internet era where every other second we create some data. To handle these data we need huge resources support. To solve this problem technology came into the picture is Distributive computing. The overall system needs a distributive algorithm and node connected as a data resource. Managing everything at the application level was really harder. So as a solution people start building a framework for big data. Here is the popular name of these big data frameworks-

  1. Hadoop ( Map Reduce )
  2.  Spark

9.How a Java Engineer can Transform his career into Data Science (Motivation for Migration )-

Java is a very popular and mature programming language for Enterprise applications. There is a big bucket for java backed application which is established and performing exceptionally well in the market. Application Framework like Spring, Hibernate auto handles most of the overhead of Infrastructure in Software development. Yes, I agree Java is almost perfect. Like every coin has two phases  As you already familiar with the fact, How the IT industry is growing in a very rapid manner. Every other day, We encounter a new framework or new skills for different use cases.  So cant sticky with your current job role. In the list of Top job roles for this century, Data Scientist comes first. So the point for discussion is How a Java Engineer can Transform his career into Data Science and how is java for data science.

The pain area is, suppose you have been working on java for the last 10 years. Now you need to learn different languages like python like a fresher. I agree with the fact that If you are hands-on one programming language, It will be a cake to switch on another. Apart from this I always recommend learning something new but If you can achieve the same thing in Java, It would be awesome right ? Especially when you need to finish something very quickly. You can finish the task 50 percent faster in Java.

Sometime when you cant change the older technology stack which is in Java. Now you need to add some data science analytics on the top of it. You can do it if you know these libraries and little basics. So far we have seen there is nothing which we can not achieve in Java. I agree, It may take time ( Development ) to achieve same functionality in comparison to other programming language which is specifically design for data science ( Python , R , Julia) . But the main point is that every thing is do able.

Conclusion –

This article is a learning path for Java Data Scientist. In Java, you achieve everything which you can achieve in Python, R, and Julia. I  agree that sometimes you need to write larger code . Especially If you have hands-on experience in Java it will be too easy for you. I hope you like this article. Please write your comment on – ” How is Java for Data Scientist ?” .You may share this article who are Java developers and looking to change their Job into Data Science.

Data Science Learner Team

Various JAVA APIS for data science1
Java for Data Science Various JAVA APIS for data science1

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Top 5 NLP Chatbot APIs to Make Your First Conversational Chatbot

Now, most of the people know about the chatbot. Before the year 2015, very few people knew about it. But as the Artificial Intelligence or automation become trendy topic then we came to hear about the term Chatbot. A chatbot is a conversational bot or a Chatting user interface(UI) where you are chatting with the computer made bots. It means there is no human intervention. But its true for only NLP chatbot. A simple chatbot is not so smart outside the knowledge base.

In this article, you will know the top 5 NLP chatbot APIs. After reading the entire post, I am sure that you will find your best APIs for making your first conversational chatbot.

But before going further these are the articles I will recommend you to first read for refreshing your mind on chatbot.

What is Chatbot ? : An Artificial Intelligence Insight

Know the Underline Technology behind Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot

Best Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot Development Video Resources

Top 5 NLP Chatbot APIs to make Your First Conversational Chatbot

Why NLP Chatbot, not Simple Chatbots?

You must be aware of types of chatbots. There are two types of chatbots one is Simple and other the NLP Chatbots. A simple chatbot is the basic computer bots. They are the database of questions and answers. When the user asks the questions, then chatbot searches for the question.

If it finds the question then its corresponding answers will be shown to the user. Otherwise, It will show “sorry the question is wrong”, “Type the correct question or other errors”. Therefore its beneficial for small business not for large business.

NLP Chatbots remove the simple chatbot limitation. Since NLP (Natural Language Processing) comes in the category of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore sometimes it is also called as AI Powered chatbot.

When the user asks the question, NLP Chatbot understands the questions and gives the answers. Even when the exact questions are not matched then it will show the suggestions to the requested users.

In addition Questions and answers are also recorded in the database for the futures use. These data are trained to make the efficient chatbot. You can say as the time passes these NLP chatbots learns from previous task upgrade themselves.

What are the purposes of Conversational Chatbot?

Conversational chatbots are useful for the customer interactions in the business. For example, in the e-commerce sector, chatbots are useful to answers the request for the details of the product or service requires the customers.

It can also give product suggestions. There are many other field chatbot integration is going on like chatbots for a lawyer, doctor, student, actor and many more. The main aim of the conversational chatbots is to improve the customer experience and interaction within the businesses.


Top tools for  building the conversational chatbots( Best chatbot API)

Before finding the right tools for creating a chatbot. You have to decide the purpose of the chatbot and on which platforms you want to integrate the chatbot. After all these answers you move to the creation part.

There are various tools for building a fully working NLP chatbot. But in this post, you will know the best tools for creating it. What are their major features?

IBM Watson

From the name you can know it has been developed by the IBM. It is built in such a way that it can nearly understand all the conversational texts typed by the users. In addition, its also learn from the previous interactions.

Recently IBM has moved IBM Watson on the cloud. It has also released the APIs for the chatbot developer. Thus it makes very easy for the user to make a conversational chatbot. IBM Watson is built on Neural Networks. This tool is suitable for chatbots integrating with IBM services.

Integration with other languages

IBM Watson has nearly various programming language SDKs. It has node SDK, Java SDK, Python SDK, iOS SDK as well as Unity SDK.

Platforms Available

IBM Watson understands voice, text, and images. Therefore It will work on any messaging platform that are supporting text, voice, and images.


Currently, it supports only two languages that are English and Japanese.


IBM Watson has currently three plans lite, standard and premium.

Lite Plan: It has a limit of 10000 APIs call per month, up to 5 Workspaces, 100 Intents, and up to 25 Entities. Price is free.

Standard Plan: No limit on APIs call per month. You have to just pay $0.0025 per API call. You can have 20 workspaces, 2000 Intents, and up to 1000 entities.

Premium Plan: Unlimited API calls. You have to contact them manually.

You can know more from their official Website IBM Watson Plans


DialogFlow is supported by Google. It uses entities, intents, and actions with parameters for making a conversational chatbot. DialogFlow has the ability to converts text to speech and speech to text. It also comes with machine learning thus making your model to train.

DialogFlow has also some built in the knowledge base for the casual talks. Thus you don’t have to train the bot for the causal talks intents. All the output you get in the dialog flow is in JSON format. It is suitable for middle-level chatbots.


Programming Language Supported and integration

DialogFlow nearly supports all the languages and SDKs. Android, iOS, Cordova, Javascript,HTML, Node.js, .NET, Unity, Xamarin, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, JAVA Facebook messenger, slack e.t.c.

Platforms Available

It supports all the messaging platform that support texts and speeches.


As compare to other NLP Chatbot tools DialogFlow support more Languages like English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian and many more.


It is freely available and also you can call Unlimited APIs. But only for text. There is a limit for voice integration that is 1000 request per day with maximum 15000 requests per month.

Amazon Lex

Amazon lex is best for building the conversational interfaces for the chatbot using both the voice and text messages. It is used to build a new Natural language chatbot applications. It can also integrate with the existing chatbot application.

There is the best thing I like about Amazon Lex is that it provides NLU(Natural Language Understanding ) and automatic Speech recognization that make it more real life chatbot conversational chatbots.

Programming Language Supported and integration

It supports most of the programming language and SDKs. Java, JavaScipt, Python, C++, Php, Ruby e.t.c are the programming language supported by Amazon lex.

Platforms Available

You can easily integrate amazon lex with Facebook, Slack. There is also an Amazon Lex API which allows you to connect with third-party messaging application and devices.


Currently, it only supports English language only.


As a part of Free Tier Plan, you will get trial of one year. 0.0004$ is for the voice message requests and 0.00075 for text message requests.


It is a conversational chatbot APIs managed by the Facebook. In fact, This chatbot API is very helpful for the developers to integrate this API with the device or an app. is a software as a Service platform.

Thus making it very easy for the developers to make develop a chatbot using the command input by them.

Programming Language Supported and integration

It supports most of the programming language like Node.js, Python, Ruby and can be easily be also integrated with the other platforms.

Platforms Available

It can support all the application and devices that use the text messages and voice messages.


You will be surprised to know that Wit.AI nearly supports all the languages of the worlds. The languages covered by this APIs in the alphabetical order are below.

lbanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.


You can request unlimited APIs calls using it. It is also for free. But it has a limitation that is not supported by any third party tools.

Microsoft Luis

This chatbot API is the service provided by the Mircosoft. It supports both the voice and text messages. It has a feature which I like very much that is Active Learning Technology. Luis uses NLP to filter the most valuable text or the information from sentences(Entities).

It has various pre-built apps like calendar, music, you can deploy it to your custom chatbot.

Programming Language Supported and integration

It supports only major SDKs of the programming languages like C# SDK, Python SDK, Node JS SDK, and the Android SDK.

Platforms Available

It supports most of the social networks for the API integration. Some of them are Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Skype. WeChat, Email e.t.c.


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese is some of the main language supported by the LUIS chatbot API.


It is free to use for the first 10,000  API transactions per month.  It has other plans also. $1.50 per 1,000 transactions for the text request. For the speech requests, it is set at $5.50 per 1,000 transactions.

You can also integrate the Microsoft Azure and third parties messengers using the Bot Framework.


This is one of the best solution for locally deployable chatbot. This is really comes on priority for on premise deployment. Here you need not to send the data to cloud etc. You may simply train it your end.


When you are planning to build a new conversational chatbot you make sure that you know all the basic requirements for building the chatbot. After all to know the best NLP chatbot API for your project it is necessary to find the purposes.

You may find the other NLP chatbot APIs when you search or google. But here in this article, I have listed the best NLP Chatbot APIs. Please go through the official link to learn their chatbot documentation as it will be very helpful for you.

I hope this article has given you a step to find the best chatbot APIs for your new project. You can contact us if want to add any other APIs. Please feel free to comment and contact us to ask for any chatbot related question.

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30+ Romana Swarna Photo gallery 2021

Hello guys! This is Romana Swarna’s photo gallery post, Romana Islam Swarna is a well-known Bangladeshi actress, She is famous as a Bengali drama model, Today I will share with you Romana Islam Swarna photos.

Romana Islam Swarna photo
Photo: Romana Islam Swarna

People looking online for Romana Islam Sorna pictures, In this post, You can see Bangladeshi model and actress Romana Islam Sorna’s latest pictures, So without increasing talk, Let see Romana Swarna’s photo.

Viral Photos

Actress Romana Sorna Photo Romana Islam Sorna picture
Bangladeshi actress Romana Islam Swarna photo
Bangladeshi Model Romana Swarna picture or Romana Sorna photo
Romana Swarna hot pic
Romana Swarna new photo 2021

Hot Pic

Guys! Now I’m going to share some special hot pictures of Romana Swarna, Please remember that: Every hot is not bad, Sometimes hot meaning can be more beautiful or more awesome. So Let’s see Romana Swarna’s hot photos.

Romana Swarna hot photo or Romana Islam Sorna hot pic
Romana Islam Swarna hot saree photo 2021
Romana Swarna hot selfie photo
Romana Swarna picture

New Photos

In this time, I will share with you some new photos of actress Romana Swarna, So guys are you ready to see Romana Swarna new photo collection? Let’s see

Romana Swarna or Romana Islam Sorna photo 2021
Romana Swarna new photo 2021
Romana Swarna New selife picture 2021
রোমানা স্বর্ণা পিকচার - Romana Swarna picture
Actress Romana Swarna - অভিনেত্রী রোমানা স্বর্না ফটো
Actress Romana Swarna pic

Others Photos

Are you interested to see ” Romana Swarna” More pictures? Here Romana Islam Sorna/Swarna more photos and including hd pictures.

Bangladeshi actress Romana Swarna
Romana Swarna a Bangladeshi actress
Rumana Sorna pic
Romana Swarna hd photo wedding photo
Romana Swarna hot
Romana Swarna acting time
Romana Islam Swarna with co-actress
Romana Islam Swarna with Abul Hayat and other co actress
Romana Swarna photo

Romana Swarna Biography

Full name: Romana Islam Swarna
NickName: Romana Swarna
Age: 28 Years
Height: 5 feet 4 Inches
Home: Dhaka Bangladesh
Romana Islam Shorna pic

Actress Romana Swarna is famous in Bangladesh and Kolkata, She acted in some west Bengal film, In recent times she is viral on social media.

Ronana Shorna picture HD quality

If you like this gallery post, You may also like:

Guys! If you want to add more info about Romana Swarna, Please add your thought in the comment section, I will publish your information with your name.

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99+ Pori Moni Saree HD photo ( May 2022 Hot Pictures)

Pori Moni saree pic

Hello guys! Today I will share with you some HD photos of Pori Moni saree, These photos are presenting Bangladeshi famous actress and model Pori Moni and her saree.

Actress Pori Moni cover photo

Every photo is unique and gorgeous, So guys are you ready to see Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni hot saree photos? Let see

Actress Pori Moni Saree Pictures

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100+ Nusrat Jahan Ontora Photo Gallery 2021

Nusrat Jahan Ontora futured Photo

Nusrat Jahan Ontora is a famous Bangladeshi model and actress who is mostly viral as a TikTok or Instagram superstar. She was born on 22 July 1999 in Faridpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many people are looking at Nusrat Jahan Ontora’s pictures online.

So guys! Today, we will share a special photo gallery of Actress and Model Nusrat Jahan Ontora photos with you. So Let’s Go!

Viral Photos

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Sunglass Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora best Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora styles picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora smile Pic

Saree Style HD Picture

Saree is a great dress for Bengali girls and most Bengali women like saree. Now I will share with you some special saree-style pictures of Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Jahan Ontora. My personal opinion about the saree “saree is the most beautiful dress for girls among others in the world” then let’s see Ontora saree photos.

Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Saree Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Saree Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Saree Wallpaper
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with Read color Saree Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Saree pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Image 02
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Sree Image 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Saree Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Saree Wallpaper
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Saree Pic

Selfie Photo

Selfie is a trend in the world, and According to a British magazine, the ” Average person takes more than 450 selfies every year” Actresses and Model are taking more selfies than others. I will now share with you some nice selfies of Nusrat Jahan Onteora. So let’s see!

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie Iamge
Nusrat Jahan Ontora beautiful Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora old Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Hot Selfie
Ontora Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Realme Phone Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie 02
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie with her Mobail
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Smile Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Styles Selfie
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Selfie with Imran Mahmudul
with Imran Mahmudul

Picture of Ontora foods eating time

We all know that the peoples of Bangladesh love food and love to eat. Just as every human being in the world has different character traits, so does every human being have different eating habits and preferences. Now You will enjoy special photos of young actress Nusrat Jahan Ontora foods eating. So let’s see!

Nusrat Jahan Ontora with foods Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with foods pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with orange juice
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with Pizza photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora eating Coffee
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with foods picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora at restaurant
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with foods

Nusrat Jahan Ontora T-Shirt Photos

Nusrat Jahan Ontora T-Shirt Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD T-Shirt Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Balck T-Shirt Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Beautiful T-Shirt Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora T-Shirt Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Hot T-Shirt Iamge
Ontora T-Shirt Image
Nusrat Jahan T-Shirt Picture
Nusrat Jahan T-Shirt Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora T-Shirt Photo

Wedding Style Photos of Ontora

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Picture 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding wallpaper
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding Photo 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding Photo 02
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Photo 03
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding Photo 04
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding style Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Photography
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wedding Photo 03
Nusrat Jahan Ontora wedding Photo 04

Extra Collection

Now I share with you some awesome Extra Collection pictures of Nusrat Jahan Ontora. Hopefully, you had never seen it before and enjoyed the pictures.

Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Pic 03
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Wallpaper
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Wallpaper 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with orange Color dress Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with Yellow Color Dress Photo
Ontora HD Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Neutral Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Neutral Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Old Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Pic 2021
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Simple style pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora smile Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Sunglass style Image
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Tik Tok Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Natural Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Photo 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Photo 02
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Photo 03
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Pic 01
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Pic 02
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Hd Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora HD Style Picture
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Hot pic
HD Pic  Nusrat Jahan Ontora
Nusrat Jahan Ontora at restaurant
Nusrat Jahan Ontora at Village Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora at Village Pic
Nusrat Jahan Ontora Fashion Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora at Shopping

Nusrat Jahan Ontora Personal Picture

Personal pictures are pictures of her personal life, including family, mobile phone, etc.

Nusrat Jahan Ontora with her Mobile  Phone
with her Mobile Phone
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with her Sister's Photo
with her Sister’s Photo
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with her Cat
with her Cat
Nusrat Jahan Ontora with her Family Photo
with her Family Photo

How was this gallery? If you like this galley, you may also like Bangladeshi famous Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan’s wife’s Umme Ahmed Shishir’s gallery.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the pictures. These pictures are available online. If you have any problem with any pictures, please contact me through this site’s contact page.

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A Quick Book Review %

Are you looking for Szeliski computer vision book? This is one of the best books for computer vision practitioner and experts. This will give a strong grip over computer vision algorithms and their implementation with sample projects. Let’s see the silent features of this amazing book.

Szeliski computer vision book : ( Silent Features ) –


This book will cover the below topics in details with real time code. If you are a beginner in computer vision and looking for a complete roadmap at a place. This book ( Szeliski computer vision book) is the best option for you.

  1. Image formation
  2. Image processing
  3. Feature detection and matching
  4. Segmentation
  5. Feature-based alignment
  6. Structure from motion
  7. Dense motion estimation
  8. Image stitching
  9. Computational photography
  10. Stereo correspondence
  11. 3D reconstruction
  12. Recognition

Usually, Most computer vision books start on deep learning and related models and do not cover the basic parts. But this book will give you an A-Z approach to Computer Vision.

szeliski computer vision book
Szeliski computer vision book

  • Best Book for college student and professional because it has organized content as per the syllabus of universities.
  • So many mini projects for hands-on knowledge. You will get end chapter exercises that will clear your concepts on Algorithms.
  • It will also cover the prerequisites of Linear Algebra, Probability etc in Appendix form. So that you can understand the concepts with full basics.
  • Suggests additional reading at the end of each chapter, including the latest research in each sub-field, in addition to a full Bibliography at the end of the book
  • Here is the supportive website for further studies.

How to Buy this Book?

I personally recommend purchasing this book because it is a benchmark study material in the Computer vision field. You may use this link to purchase this book. Please comment us how did find this book after purchasing it. Your experience can motivate others to learn more from this book.


Data Science Learner Team


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Must Read for every Data Scientist

Are you looking for  Java PDF Libraries to automate PDF creation and manipulation? This article will give you an overview of 7  best Java PDF Libraries of the current time.

These Java PDF libraries are not only useful for PDF creation and manipulation programmatic. But sometimes when we need to pull the data out from PDF. Actually, PDF is unstructured data. When you need to extract the data out of it, You need to perform the basic operation like line by line reading text or page by page etc. To perform such basic operations these Java PDF Libraries and Utility are important.

Best Java PDF Libraries :

Here is the list of Top 7 Java PDF Libraries. Actually every other has its own feature and specification so before choosing any of them. Please read the below description.

  1. IText –

If you are looking for making automation in documentation and Reporting. PDF is the best format. IText designs for Java and.Net developer for PDF processing and related operation. Here is the link to IText  Developer page .

java PDF Libraries IText
java PDF Libraries IText

2. Java PDF Library

A good option is an easy PDF SDK. This Java PDF Library has an Action Center that allows developers to generate and customize code for PDF applications automatically using over 50 different settings. A very capable PDF converter could be created with a few mouse clicks. Here is the link to check this Java PDF Library.
java pdf library
Java PDF Library

3.Apache PDF Box –

java PDF Libraries PDFBox

Apache PDFBox API is open source. It gives the utility to java developers for – Extracting Text, Splitting and merging PDF documents, save as Images and signing the PDF  and much more. Here is the quick link for downloading Apache PDFbox .

4. gnujpdf –

It’s a java package. gnujpdf will also help you in creating PDF using the Java AWT subclass. The Interesting fact about it is -” GNUJPDF is a modified version of  ‘retepPDF’ “.It has LGPL License. For more detail on gnujpdf visit  gnujpdf api details page.

java PDF Libraries PDFBox
java PDF Libraries PDFBox

5.PDF Clown for Java (PDF Jester)-

PDF Clown is an open source PDF processing in Java and.Net based Library. Download PDF Clown from here . It makes PDF rendering and styling hassle-free for you.

java PDF Libraries PDF Clown

6. Apache FOP 

FOP is a Formatting Objects Processor. It’s a generalized API. I mean it’s not only PDF specific. Actually, it can generate multiple format outputs. As an input, it takes or reads the Formatting Object tree. You can download Apache FOP from here.

java PDF Libraries Apache FOP
Apache FOP Library

7. OpenPDF –

It is a newly emerging java library. It also comes with LGPL and MPL open source licenses. This OpenPDF library is iText source successor. Hence it has a high-performance pdf library.

java pdf - openpdf
java pdf – openpdf

java PDF library for Reporting –

Reports are a little different than general PDFs. Reports are quite tabular in nature. Hence this section will add some java Pdf libraries for Reporting.


1. Jasper Reports

2.Dynamic Reports

3. Dynamic Jasper

3 Tips before choosing any Java PDF Library –

  1. make sure the license condition is aligned with your product or feature usages. Some time free words tagged on librarians confuses the developer. Actually Most of the time, free words are associated with non-commercial uses. So please check before choosing any of the Java PDF Library. Otherwise, you do some code on top of it. After some time you come to know it’s not License Friendly. Then you have to replace it. To avoid such a situation is better.
  2. Do a little proof of Concept on each functionality which you need to achieve using these APIs. Because Most of the time, It is recommended that we should use a single API for a specific purpose.  For example, If you choose some java PDF Library that supports 8 features where you need 10. Therefore to achieve the rest two features we need to add another third-party API.So to avoid such a situation we should first list down our specific requirements from that API. Then we should do small unit testing on that feature. Once all is done then we should go finalize that  Java PDF Library for the product.
  3. Good Documentation. Never choose any API which has low-quality documentation.

Notes for Developer while using Java PDF Library-

The most common mistake which puzzles the beginners in PDF processing is managing locks on the file. Here I am not very specific with PDF files. It usually happens with every type of file processing. Actually, when you use any framework, you just call the function already defined into it. Usually, the code flow is designed in such a way that it auto handles the lock management. Still, be careful. If you apply the lock anywhere manual, free it when you are done.

Otherwise, Java Virtual Machine holds the file and you will be unable to move it until the program is terminated.

Other Learning Resources( Must Read is Interested in Data Science using Java) –

If you are a java developer and want to be a data scientist, Please read the article –

How a Java Engineer can Transform his career into Data Science | Java for Data Science ?

Once you read this article you will come to know what else requires to change your profile in Data Science.

Conclusion –

There could be many aspects to why PDF and its processing is important for a data scientist. First of all its business aspect is,” It is mostly preferred by all types of organization for reporting”.All financial institution or any private or government organization report their financial position at certain to any regulatory at a certain time period. It has two ends. The first is Report creation and the Second is extracting the data from it.

Anyways It was not only the case. There are so many others. Just my Intent is to make you aware of PDF Libraries in general programming Although If we look at the technical side for using PDF as a preferred format. PDF full form is Portable Document Format. This portable feature makes the documentation distribution uniform across all platforms.

So How did you find the article “Top 7  Java PDF Libraries: Must Read for Data Scientist”. If you have any suggestions on JAVA PDF LIBRARIES. Feel free to contact us or comment below.


Data Science Learner Team 


Other Questions

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Many readers of our data science learners have asked about the best data sciences courses on udemy. So We here comes the answer.

These are the list of the best data science courses.

  1. The Data Science Course 2021: Complete Data Science Bootcamp
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If you are a completely new beginner then go for this course.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp



Being a student, if you ever need java homework help from coding experts, please get in touch with cwassignments professional service.

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