Who Won the last Night’s Katu News Debate?

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: The latest Oregon Governor Polls has GOP nominee Christine Drazan having a 4% lead over the Democratic Party’s candidate Tina Kotek.

Latest Oregon Governor Polls: Betsy Johnson: 19%, Tina Kotek: 34%, Christine Drazan: 36%

The 2022 Oregon Governor Race is heading for a 3 cornered fight between Republican Christine Drazan, Democrat Tina Kotek, and the independent candidate Betsy Johnson.

Oregon Election Polls and Trends

Oregon Governor Polls (Average of Last 3 Polls): Betsy Johnson: 17.7%, Tina Kotek: 33.3%, Christine Drazan: 35.7%

Google Search Share (7 Days Average): Betsy Johnson: 42%, Tina Kotek: 29%, Christine Drazan: 29%.

Social Media Sentiment: Drazan: -28.0%, Tina Kotek: -46.0%, Betsy Johnson: -33.6%.

CrowdwisdomLIVE Oregon Governor Race Predictions: Drazan to win by 5%

The Oregon Governor election will be held on November 8th, 2022 to elect a new governor of Oregon. Incumbent Kate Brown will not be contesting re-elections due to two terms limit. Oregon has been a Blue state with the state electing a Republican Governor last in the year 1979. However, a 3-way fight and the unpopularity of Governor Brown could turn this state Red come November.

Oregon Governor Race Predictions Summary

Who is leading? Who is Gaining?
Polls Drazan Drazan
Google Search Kotek-Drazan Johnson
Social Media Sentiment Drazan Steady

Who Won the last Night’s Katu News Debate?

Social Media Sentiment

Tina Kotek: -11.7%
Christine Drazan: -28.9%
Betsy Johnson: -26.5%

Google Search Volume

Tina Kotek: 40%
Christine Drazan: 30%
Betsy Johnson: 30%

After the debate, tracking the social media sentiment and Google search volume, Tina Kotek who has been behind Christine Johnson has fairly performed well in the last 24 hours.

There have been more searches for her and the social media sentiment for Kotek is better than for Drazan and Johnson. This indicates Tina Kotek having a better voter connect after the last night’s debate.

Highlights of Debate

YouTube video

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Observations and Insights

For the Oregonian, economy is the major concern followed by threats to Democracy, crime, and then abortion.

Voters concerned about the economy, and crime are backing Christine Drazan while Kotek has good support among the ones who consider threats to Democracy a major concern.

The majority of voters are not concerned about the Roe vs Wade issue and this issue has been the major campaign issue for the Democrats in all the states.

Darzan has attracted voters who consider drug use, Gun violence, and liberalism as the major issues facing the state. Nearly all (96%) of her supporter base believes that Oregon is on the wrong track.

Oregon has more registered Independent voters than Democrats, despite Democratic Party being in power for the last few decades. The latest survey shows that Independents are mostly backing Drazan. As per the survey 34% support Drazan, 29% support Johnson, and 18% support Kotek.

The latest polls have been in favor of the Republican Christine Drazan, though the vote share difference between her and Tina Kotek is not huge.

Google search volumes for all the candidates are almost the same indicating the election to have a wire finish.

The net social media sentiment for Tina Kotek has worsened but has improved for Christine Drazan.

In conclusion, the race for the Office of Governor in Oregon is still wide open, but as of now, GOP candidate Christine Drazan is ahead marginally.

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Polls

Average of all Polls October 5th
Tina Kotek (D) 33.3%
Christine Drazan (R) 35.7%
Betsy Johnson (I) 17.7%
Emerson College October 1st
Tina Kotek 34%
Christine Drazan 36%
Betsy Johnson 19%
Clout Research September 26th
Tina Kotek 35%
Christine Drazan 39%
Betsy Johnson 16%
DHM Research September 24th
Tina Kotek 31%
Christine Drazan 32%
Betsy Johnson 18%

Why is Tina Kotek In Trouble?

Oregon has been under Democratic Party’s rule for the last few decades. Being in power for such a long period of time, the anti-incumbency against the Democratic Party has grown. The Incumbent Governor Kate Brown (D) has an approval rating of 41%, the lowest in the United States.

Tina Kotek on the other hand has a 27.8% favorable rating while Christine Drazan has a 29.7% favorable rating. Tina Kotek’s unfavorable ratings stand at 45.8% while Christie Drazan’s unfavorable ratings are 25.3%.

The cost of Living in Oregon is also hurting Tina Kotek. Only 30% believe that the state is moving in the right direction. Oregon has had a huge surge in crime* (see table below) which has now become an important issue for voters.

Homelessness and Healthcare in 3rd on the list which is followed by Public education. The abortion issue is 5th on the list which may be a concern for Tina Kotek as the Democratic Party is highly banking on the abortion issue.

One of the important issue that is hurting Tina Kotek is that just 34% of the registered voters are registered as Democrats, and 40% of the voters are unaffiliated or Independent.

Tina Kotek will have to win a large majority of Democrat voters many of who are likely to vote for Betsy Johnson who was a Democrat and is now running as an Independent. She will also have to win 25-30% of the Unaffiliated/ Independent vote to win the election.

Christine Drazan on the other hand will have to carry most of the Republican vote (25%) and about 25-30% of the unaffiliated vote. It will be tougher for Tina Kotek given her party has been in power for 40 years in Oregon.

Why Christine Drazan Will Win?

A major factor that favors Christine Drazan is the unpopularity of the Democrat Governor. The incumbent governor is the most unpopular Governor in the United States. This factor may have a negative influence on the chances of Democrat Tina Kotek.

As of August 2022, the total number of registered Democrat Voters in Oregon is 1,011,328 while the Republican is 729,535. Oregon has massive non-affiliated voters, 1,017,662. Looking at the current Governor’s approval rating, the non-affiliated voters may spoil the chances of Tina Kotek and for a change prefer a Republican as a Governor.

Oregon’s performance under Kate Brown

Tina Kotek’s Priorities

  • Tina Kotek promises to end the homelessness of veterans, families with children, unaccompanied young adults, and people 65 years and older by 2025.
  • Tina Kotek promises to impart medically-accurate sex education in school and also ensure safe reproductive health care for women.
  • Help Oregon’s workers to grow professionally by providing them training and education through community colleges.
  • Help police and security officers gain training and transform them to match international standards on safety and justice.
  • Increase the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21 and require a complete background check before issuing an arms license.

Christine Drazan’s Priorities

  • Fight for job growth in Oregon and ensure the protection of the family budget.
  • Declare homelessness as a state of Emergency and work towards expanding the housing provider.
  • Bring back the provision of government accountability and transparency.
  • Keep politics out of the classroom and teach our students how to think, not what to think.
  • End Governor Kate Brown’s mass prisoner release program.

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Google Search, Kotek vs Drazan vs Johnson

Google Search Volume: Last 7 Days

Tina Kotek: 29%
Christine Drazan: 29%
Betsy Johnson: 42%

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Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Social Media Net Sentiment

Net Social Media Sentiment: Last 7 Days

Kotek: -48.0%
Drazan: -28.0%
Johnson: -33.6%

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Video

YouTube video

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Oregon Governor Election: Cash in hand

  • Tina Kotek: $1.75 Million
  • Christine Drazan: $1.47 Million
  • Betsy Johnson: $4.12 Million

Oregon Governor Polls: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running for Governor 2022? 

The candidates running for the upcoming Oregon Governor race are Republican Christine Drazan, Democrat Tina Kotek, and the independent candidate Betsy Johnson.

Who is the current governor of Oregon? 

The current Governor of Oregon is Democrat Kate Brown.

Is Oregon a Blue or Red State? 

Oregon has been a Blue state. There has been no Republican Governor in Oregon since 1982.

What is the salary of the governor of Oregon? 

The median salary earned by U.S. governors was $129,962. The salary of the Governor of Oregon is $98,600.

How long is the governor’s term? 

Governors are elected by popular ballot and serve terms of four years, with a limit of two terms, if served after November 6, 1990.

Oregon Governor Polls: Analysis of Voting Segments

29% of the population in Oregon lives in rural areas, and most of them vote Republican.

The median age of the population is 39 years of age. The ratio of the female population is 51% and males with 49% as per the current data. More than 40% of adults above 25 have a college degree, and many of them vote Democrat.

The large urban population without college degrees as well as a large rural population that typically favors republicans makes Oregon a swing state this election season.

As per the United State census, the total population of Oregon was 4,237,256 by 2020, and compared to the last census conducted in 2010 it has increased up to 10.17%.

According to the 2020 census, 13% of Oregon’s population is of Hispanic or Latino origin. In Oregon, the Mexican population is up to 10%, Puerto Rican 0.3%, and Cuban 0.1%. Portland is Oregon’s most diverse area while there are high concentrations of Mexican-Americans in Jefferson and Malheur counties.

The majority of the population is situated in Portland as it is located in the metro area. Oregon ranks 12th among the Asian American population and 10th among the Native American population. Oregon has one of the lowest populations of African American origin. This makes Oregon the 39th most densely populated state.

As per 2004 data, Oregon’s foreign-born population exceeds 300,000 and accounts for almost 9% of the total population.

There are five major ancestries living in Oregon majorly white: German with 19%, Irish with 11%, English with 11%, American with 5%, and Norwegian with 3%.

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Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Christine Drazan could become the first GOP Governor in 35 years


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