What is the Terra Luna Classic token?

Will Luna Classic reach $1 and what are the Price Predictions for 2022, 2025, and 2030?

Yes, Luna Classic can reach $1. A combination of Burn and New Use Cases can drive LUNC to $1. Read our detailed analysis.

78% of the crowd predicts that LUNC will reach $1 by 2031 (An 8% rise in the Last 24 Hours.)

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction

LUNC is likely to rise nearly 4x (4 Times) by 2025 and nearly 18x by 2030.

LUNC Burn Update

14.6 billion (0.2% of LUNC Tokens have been burned since September 21st (Nearly 200 m in the last 24 hours).

What is the Terra Luna Classic token?

Terra Luna Classic is the rebranded name of the erstwhile LUNA token. $LUNC was launched in May 2022 after the crash of Terra Foundation’s UST (Stable Coin). As a way to compensate customers, the Terra Foundation launched a fork called $LUNA. The older token was rebranded Luna Classic or LUNC and much of the control was handed over to the LUNC community.

Ever since the re-launch, thanks to the community, $LUNC has performed spectacularly

  • June: +6.7%
  • July: -27.9%
  • August: +126.9%
  • September: +35.5%
  • October: -2.7%

Since the fork of May 31st, $LUNC has outperformed benchmark Cryptocurrencies and the new $LUNA 2.0 by a huge margin. However, Luna Classic has been underperforming Luna 2.0, Ethereum, and Bitcoin in October and has been trending lower since October 1st when it peaked this month at $0.00036.

Last 5 days Performance Since May 31st
Terra Luna Classic -4.5% +145.3%
Luna 2.0 -2.4% -74.7%
Bitcoin -4.7% -38.9%
Ethereum -3.8% -33.6%

The Luna Classic $1 Dream: There are many in the community and outside who hope that Luna Classic would reach $1 someday. It is not only a symbolic target but a very profitable one. So let us understand if a target of $1 was actually possible. Use the Table of Contents below to skip to LUNC Price Prediction 2022, 2025,2030, 2040.

Will Luna Classic reach $1? The Math

$LUNC will reach $1 through a combination of organic growth due to demand for its tokens as well as due to LUNC Burn Tax which has been rolled out 3 weeks ago.

We have assumed a conservative 25% growth per annum. This isn’t much given how much Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen since launch. Bitcoin closed 2012 at $13.5, It is trading 1400 times higher. Ethereum closed 2016 at $8, it is trading 166 times higher. To reach $1, Lunc Classic must rise 3500 times higher. This is not high at all given that LUNC has an on-chain Burn Tax.

This is of course contingent on many factors that are discussed later.

  • Market Cap at $1 will be – $6143 Billion
  • Assume the LUNC price rises 35% a year and 50% of the coins are burnt during this period, the number of years to reach $1 – 28 Years

Will Luna Classic reach $10 Cents?

  • Assume the LUNC price rises 35% a year and 50% of the coins are burnt during this period, the number of years to reach 10 cents – 20 Years

Will Luna Classic reach 1 cent?

  • Assume the LUNC price rises 35% a year and 50% of the coins are burnt during this period, the number of years to reach 1 cent – 12 Years

Summary: Luna Classic $1, 10 Cents and 1 Cent

Will Luna Classic reach $1? 

Yes, Luna Classic could reach $1 in 28 years. This assumes Strong Community leadership, differentiation versus other coins, 50% of the tokens being burnt, and an ROI of 35%

78% of the crowd predicts that LUNC will reach $1 by 2031. This is up 8% in one day.

Will Luna Classic reach 10 Cents? 

Yes, Luna Classic could reach 10 cents in 20 years. This assumes a burn rate of 3-4% per annum and an ROI of 35% per annum.

Will Luna Classic reach 1 Cent? 

Yes, Luna Classic could reach 1 Cent in 12 years. This assumes a burn rate of 3-4% per annum and an ROI of 35% per annum.

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Will Luna classic reach $1?Triggers for LUNC $1

We evaluate the future of Tokens and Blockchains on 7 primary criteria – Use Cases, Differentiation, Execution, Leadership, Community, Macroeconomics, and Other factors like Burn. Here is how we have rated Luna Classic

  1. Use Cases 4 out of 10
    • The original LUNA was a major player in the DeFi space. Most of the top-performing cryptocurrencies have solid use cases. Even newer meme Coins like Tamadoge have use cases even if it is gaming. Ed Kim laid out a plan of action to achieve this goal but the status of execution is unclear
  2. Differentiating factors 3 out of 10
    • LUNC has a fantastic community but when it comes to the blockchain and token itself there isn’t much to differentiate itself. Even Shiba Inu which has perhaps one of the largest cryptocurrency communities is actively trying to differentiate itself. Differentiating is extremely important because investors tend to own 1-2 cryptocurrencies in each category. At the moment Luna Classic is not differentiated as the blockchain development or use cases are still not in place.
  3. Execution 5 out of 10
    • The LUNC community and Terra Rebels executed LUNC Burn quite efficiently and against heavy odds but the same cannot be said of Ed Kim’s neatly laid out plans. Over the last few days, the community has gone back to worrying about Burn and new listings instead of discussing the next steps of execution as laid out in Ed Kim’s plan. Even if the plan is not acceptable, there is no alternate development plan for the blockchain and token that is being discussed now to take the Token to the next level.
  4. Organization Leadership 5 out of 10
    • Bitcoin for example was inherently designed to be driven by the community but POS cryptocurrencies cannot sustain without proper leadership. With the environment getting more competitive, each Blockchain needs either a solid community or great leadership to thrive in this environment. LUNC has had great Consensus leadership so far but it hasn’t always worked efficiently.
    • Eg: After rolling out the Binance burn, there is a widespread panic that volumes have fallen because of Burn. The irony is volumes are still 2.5 times higher than $LUNA. Secondly, when compared with volumes for cryptocurrencies with a similar Market cap, LUNC Volumes are at least 50% higher. So efficiency in community leadership is essential.
  5. Strong Community 9 out of 10
    • The Luna Classic community has proven itself to be extremely resourceful in getting things done over the last 3 months. The outperformance versus the Terra Luna crypto is enough evidence of this resourcefulness.
  6. Favorable Macroeconomic Conditions 5 out of 10
    • Numerous parallel crises at the moment could jeopardize a LUNC move higher – The rise in crude prices, likely rise in inflation, and worsening of the economic crisis in Europe and China. There isn’t much that traders or investors can do about this.
  7. Sustained Burn 8 out of 10
    • With 14 Billion tokens already Burnt, this is running at a very healthy rate. This will rise even faster if many of the above are taken care
  • LUNC Total Score-39/70
  • Ethereum Total Score-48/70
  • Luna 2.0 Total Score– 23/70

LUNC Burn Update

Luna Classic Burn Prediction

There are currently 6151 Billion LUNC tokens in Circulation. Over the last few weeks, about $14 Billion LUNC Tokens, or 0.2% of the LUNC Tokens have been Burnt. The current daily LUNC Burn rate is about 200 Million LUNC Tokens. At this rate, 30 Billion LUNC Tokens, or about 0.5% of LUNC Tokens will have been burnt by December 31st, 2022.

Terra Luna Classic Prediction 2022 to 2040

LUNC has pumped more than 185% after the news that all validator nodes would be active from August 26th. LUNC had in fact risen 419% by September 8th before falling by more than half from the peak. The On-Chain Burn tax was implemented on September 21st. With Binance on board for the Burn Tax, LUNC staged a massive recovery and is back above $0.00025.

LUNC price prediction estimates are a function of various analyst opinions. These estimates are based on certain assumptions

  • The recent performance of Luna Classic
  • Coins likely to be burnt
  • Luna Classic leadership becoming more organized and focused
  • Luna Classic remains competitive in a cluttered market
  • Improving macroeconomic conditions

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2022

This is how we expect 2022 to play out.

  • Execution of plans laid out by Ed Kim[You can read it here]. This will depend on Community financial contributions
  • Rumors of Coinbase and Robinhood listing
  • Daily On-Chain Burn
  • Partnerships will further contribute to a rise in price over the next 3-6 months (Eg: Lithosphere blockchain burning 2.5 trillion Luna Classic coins)

As a consequence, Luna Classic Price Prediction 2022 is $0.000348. That is 1.2 times the current price. This is contingent on no major crisis due to Do Kwon’s arrest warrant.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2023

Macroeconomics is likely to improve in 2023 and the community may further consolidate its gains. As a consequence, Luna Classic Prediction 2023 is $0.000632. This is 2.2 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2024 is $0.000913 which is 3.1 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2025

Substantial improvement in both coin dynamics and macroeconomics should push Luna Classic LUNC Price Prediction 2025 to $0.001130. This is more than 3.9 times the current price.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2026 is $0.001545 which is 5.3 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2027 is $0.002250 which is 7.7 times higher than the current price.

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2028 is $0.003060 which is 10.4 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2029 is $0.003995 which is 13.6 times higher than the current price.

Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction 2030

We anticipate 2025-30 to be the golden era for Blockchains. Should that happen, Luna Classic Price Prediction 2030 is predicted to be $0.006075. This is 20.7 times higher than the current price

Lunc Price Prediction 2025-2040 (Scenario-based forecasting)

  • At 50% per annum until 2025 – $0.00099
  • At 25% per annum until 2030 – $0.00175
  • At 15% per annum until 2040 – $0.00363

Why is LUNC rising since June?

  • LUNC price has increased in 3 of the 5 months since launch. The excellent performance of LUNC so far is because of a concerted effort by the community to revive the coin.
  • The involvement of the community has gone far beyond burning (like Shiba for example).
    • It has gone into appointing and supporting validators, coordinating with partners, and such.
  • There may be some merit in the argument that the coin would have recovered on its own but the terrible performance of Luna 2.0 during the same period suggests that on its own, LUNC would also have languished at the bottom and in fact would have even died.
  • Since May 31st, $LUNC: +137.1%, $LUNA 2.0: (-72.0%)

Will LUNC continue to rise?

Due to the roll-out of on-chain taxes, it is inevitable that eventually, LUNC prices will rise in the next few weeks and months. The next LUNC pump is likely to occur due to one or more of the following reasons

  • Major app launching on Terra Classic or accepting LUNC Payments
  • New apps launching on Terra Classic and using LUNC Tokens
  • Improvement in Macroeconomic conditions (Like lower inflation numbers, the end of the war in Ukraine, Improving Global and US economies, and such). This is unlikely now for a few weeks as the Global economic environment is deteriorating.

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LUNC Trading volumes falling due to LUNC Burn?

LUNC Trading Volume has fallen from $1.078 B on October 2nd to $253 Million on October 8th. This is after Binance launched the LUNC Burn tax. So, numerous investors in LUNC are worried that the drop in volume is due to the Burn.

Here is why we think drop in trading volumes is not due to LUNC Burn Tax

  • The last time LUNC volumes were this low was from August 27th to 29th which interestingly is when the PUMP began to move LUNC from $0.00009 to $0.00059. On August 27th, the price of LUNC was $0.00012 which is less than half of the price today.
  • Volumes were lower than the current levels throughout August despite the absence of the LUNC Burn tax.
  • When we compare LUNC Volumes with other cryptocurrencies with similar Market cap.
    • LUNC is ranked 32nd and the Trading Volume was $248 Million
    • Rank 29 is $70 M, Rank 30 is $146 M, Rank 31 is 84 Million, Rank 33 is $17 Million and Rank 34 is 39 Million.
    • There are just 10 Cryptocurrencies (Excluding Stablecoins) with Trading Volumes higher than Luna Classic. There were 13 ahead of LUNC 3 days ago.
  • Lastly, Social Media Mentions have begun to taper lower as there isn’t any NEW NEWS apart from Burn

So what is the real issue?

The real issue is despite Ed Kim’s plan of action blog, very little action is visible to investors and traders alike beyond Burn. Unless action plans are implemented and apps are available on Terra LUNA Classic, there will be little investor interest in buying LUNC which in turn will lead to lower volumes.

Will Luna classic reach $1? Volume vs Price

The Volume vs Price Chart for the last 30 days is shown below.

The flurry of community activities between June and October has helped Luna Classic. These activities include appointing developers, validators, validator fees, and passing burn proposals. Looking at the data over the last 4 months –

  • The 3 LUNC Pumps
    • June 26th to June 29th – 160% increase owing to roll out of LUNC Burn
    • August 24th to September 1st – 190% increasing owing to Validator notes activation and Likely Burn
    • September 26th – 60% increase owing to Binance joining the Burn
  • In absence of new actions, LUNC Price has operated in a narrow range over the last 30 days.
Will Luna Classic reach $1 and Price Predictions for 2022, 2025, and 2030?

Should you buy Luna Classic LUNC now?

CrowdwisdomLIVE Buy Sell Indicator*

  • Current Momentum: Positive
  • Competitive advantage (Liquidity): Moderate
  • Short-Term Trading Recommendation: Buy
  • Long-Term Investment Recommendation: Hold

*Do your own research

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Can Luna Classic reach $1? Luna Classic News Today

  1. Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao (CZ) has asked other exchanges also to implement the LUNC burn tax.
  2. Exodus will be accepting LUNC payments
  3. Numerous Community members are discussing reducing the LUNC Burn tax rate
  4. Lithosphere blockchain has confirmed the upcoming burning of the 2.5 Trillion Terra Luna Classic.

Will Terra classic reach $1? LUNC Concerns

There are numerous concerns around Terra Luna Classic

  1. So far it is unclear what is the vision around Terra Luna Classic. Will they remain DeFi focused? Will they differentiate from other major players like ETH and XRP? The Ed Kim plan of actionn appears to be making limited progress.
  2. What is the leadership structure in Terra Luna Classic? Unlike Bitcoin which has a well-designed architecture that truly enables a decentralized approach, LUNC cannot survive without leadership. It is unclear how the community will deliver strategic thinking without leadership.
  3. Community efforts have completely focussed on the Luna Classic Burn tax rather than the direction of LUNC itself

LUNC Price Prediction Today

Overall Outlook Partially Positive
1. Market’s Wisdom Partially Positive
1a. Market Data Neutral
1b. Technical Recommendation Buy
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Neutral
2a. Buzz Trend Lower
2b. Social Media Sentiment Higher

Can luna classic reach $1? Conclusion

Yes, Luna Classic can reach $1 in 28 years if at least 50% of the coins are burnt, the governance architecture is clear and focussed, LUNC’s differentiators are clear and the Developers and Validators are working to implement these plans effectively. At the moment one could say, LUNC has made admirable progress but a lot of work is still pending.

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Stocks or Crypto Coins. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions.

Will Luna classic reach $1?

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