What is the Mana Price Prediction for 2022 and Beyond?

Mana Price Prediction $500: Mana can reach $500 in the next 16 years provided the price of Mana rises 50% annually. Read on for more information

Mana Price Prediction $1000: It is highly unlikely for Mana to reach $1000 in the next few years. Read our analysis in detail.

Mana is the native token of Decentraland. Before we understand about Mana and its uses, let us first understand what is Decentraland.

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world, Metaverse platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland offers customized activities like digital land and art. Decentraland combines blockchain technology and virtual reality to incentivize users worldwide to engage in a shared virtual environment.

Decentraland is an open-source metaverse platform that once boasted to have 300,000 active monthly users. However, with the crypto market losing its shine, the number of monthly users on Decentraland fell sharply.

Decentraland is a one-of-its-kind platform that lets its users trade cryptocurrencies, earn revenue, and play games in a virtual world that is built by the users themselves.

What is Mana and what are its Uses?

Mana is the native token of Decentraland which can be used for transactional purposes on the platform.

Users can generate money on the Decentraland platform by leasing land, advertising, selling products, creating decentralized apps (dApps), and participating in play-to-earn (P2E) activities. All of this is powered by the platform’s token MANA.

Beyond this, MANA facilitates high-end transactions such as acquisitions of real estate (LAND), governance and voting on real estate questions, and a steady way to earn rewards on the Decentraland platform.

What is the Mana Price Prediction for 2022 and Beyond?

Considering the current market condition and also taking into account the declining market of Metaverse, the 2022 Mana Price Prediction is not at all encouraging. Here are the Mana Price Prediction 2022 and beyond:

Mana Price Prediction 2022 $1.2
Mana Price Prediction 2025 $1.9
Mana Price Prediction 2030 $4

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Mana Price Prediction $500 and $1000: What are the Factors Influencing Mana Price?

  • Acceptance of Decentraland: One of the key factors that will affect the price of Mana will be the acceptance of its metaverse platform, Decentraland. If more brands associate themselves with Decentraland, it will help boost the price of Mana.
  • Limited Supply: Unlike many cryptos, the supply of MANA is limited. Currently, the circulating supply of Mana stands at 1.86B. This means that the MANA tokens will only decrease as after every transaction.
  • Government Regulations: Government Regulations around the world have been a key factor influencing the price of cryptos. If the regulations are tightened, the price dips and if there is some favorable decision, the price skyrockets.

Mana Price Prediction $500: When will Mana Reach $500?

% Of Growth per annum Number of Years to reach $500
10% Growth 70 Years
20% Growth 37 Years
30% Growth 25.5 Years
40% Growth 19.5 Years
50% Growth 16.5 Years

Mana Price Prediction $1000: When will Mana Reach $1000?

% Of Growth per annum Number of Years to reach $500
20% Growth 41.5 Years
30% Growth 28 Years
40% Growth 22 Years
50% Growth 19.5 Years

Mana Prediction Video Analysis

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How and Where to Buy Mana?

Here are a few steps how you can buy Decentraland Mana tokens:

  1. The very first step is to create an account with any of the exchanges. The exchanges could be Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Crypto.com, Kraken etc.
  2. In order to create an account, you will need some basic documentation that ensures KYC so that these exchanges are not used for Money Laundering.
  3. Each of these exchanges has various features and transaction fees. So evaluate them carefully.
  4. Once you have created your account, the next step is to link your banking account or a payment account with the exchange.
  5. Once a payment method (Bank account, debit or credit card, wire transfer) is linked then next step is to fund the account
  6. Once the fund is added, start trading by selecting Mana trading symbol and then enter the quantity
  7. You can store your crypto in the trading account or your personal wallet (You need to open another account for that)

Where to Buy Mana?

The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Decentraland stock are currently Binance, BTCEX, Deepcoin, Bitrue, and BingX.

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