What is Bitcoin and Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? (Historic Performance)

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022 is $23,196.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023 is $36,211.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 is $67,618.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030 is $314,042.

Bitcoin Price [1 Bitcoin in USD]

Bitcoin Price USD Predictions 2022-2030

Bitcoin price will rise to a maximum of $23,196 by December this year. In 2025, the maximum predicted Bitcoin price by this method is $67,618. In 2030, our method predicts the maximum price of 1 BTC to hit $314,042.

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Before we get into Bitcoin Price Predictions in greater detail, let us evaluate Bitcoin as an Investment opportunity.

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What is Bitcoin and Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? (Historic Performance)

  • Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and was built on Blockchain Technology. It uses the concept of proof of work to reward its members.
  • Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer network and does not have any central authority.
  • The Bitcoin ledger is public and any person can store it on their computer. Anyone can create a Bitcoin token and can be transferred to any of the wallets however,  the owners of bitcoin addresses cannot be identified, but any Bitcoin transaction made can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.
  • No approval is required for the completion of a Bitcoin transaction. It is done by the network itself without the interference of any third-party system.
  • It is a limited resource of 21 Million Coins of which 19.1 Million are in supply
  • Competitors of Bitcoin: Ethereum, Gold, National Currencies

There are many who think Bitcoin is actually of zero value. However, given its limited supply and increasing usage for payment, it does have value

  • In Layman’s language, Bitcoin is like Gold hidden inside a computer network instead of a mine in Africa. The creator(s) deliberately created a limited number of them and created a whole range of difficult tasks to get them. Just like in real gold mining, Bitcoin mining becomes difficult if more people mine at the same time or as the number of BTCs keeps reducing.
  • That said, It cannot be used as ornaments, one of the big factors that drive Gold value. To solve this problem, the creators designed it in the form of a currency that is authenticated via a blockchain.
    • Over the last few years, BTC has increasingly been used as an alternative to the US Dollar or other National Currencies. It is now accepted on payment by many companies around the world. While BTC enjoys the absence of central control and therefore any form of voluntary devaluation, it suffers from more volatility.

Bitcoin has delivered positive returns for most of the last 10 years.

  • Bitcoin has delivered positive returns in 9 out of 11 years
  • 2018 was the most difficult year which also coincides with the year the Federal Reserve reduced the size of its balance sheet. During that year, Bitcoin closed 74% lower than the previous year. It took Bitcoin 3 years to recover.
  • Unlike Alts or even Ethereum, Bitcoin has been there for a fairly long time and with a record of proven performance.
Closing Price Price
2021 $46,306
2020 $28,994
2019 $7,216
2018 $3,740
2017 $14,156
2016 $964
2015 $431
2014 $320
2013 $754
2012 $13.5
2011 $4.3
2010 $0.3

Bitcoin vs Ethereum, Quarterly Performance Comparison

  • Q1: BTC (-3.1%), ETH (-8.2%)
  • Q2: BTC (-58.5%), ETH (-54.4%)
  • Q3: BTC (-2.8%), ETH +25.8%
  • Q4: BTC (-1.4%), ETH (-3.4%)
  • YTD: BTC (-59.9%), ETH -65.9%

On a long-term basis, Bitcoin has performed more consistently than Ethereum. However, over the last 3 years, Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin. After a Merge driven Pump, ETH began to outperform BTC in 2022. However, BTC is ahead once again after the Merge Pump ended.

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Is it the right time to buy Bitcoin?

CrowdwisdomLIVE Buy Sell Indicator*

  • Current Momentum: Positive
  • Competitive advantage (Liquidity): Moderate
  • Short-Term Trading Recommendation: Sell
  • Long-Term Investment Recommendation: Sell

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022

Bitcoin reached its lowest in the year on June 18th, it then rose on the back of improved economic fundamentals to nearly $25k before more negative economic news drove BTC below $20k.

The BTC Price Prediction 2022 is $23,196.

There is a higher degree of uncertainty about the Bitcoin price. The Global economic situation has worsened and is unlikely to improve until the Russia-Ukraine conflict comes to an end. There is no evidence that the conflict will end soon.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023 is $36,211. This is 1.9 times the current price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 is $50,027. This is 2.6 times the current price.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

The supply of Bitcoins being mined will fall by half in 2025, just 2 and half years from now. With reduced supply, the volatility is likely to diminish. Bitcoin momentum is likely to sustain in 2025 as economies recover. However, regulations are likely to increase as well. The Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 is $67,618. This is 3.5 times higher than Bitcoin’s price today.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026 is $89,268. This is 4.7 times the current price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2027 is $117,727. This is 6.2 times the current price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028 is $166,181. This is 8.7 times the current price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2029 is $231,306. This is 12.1 times the current price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

However, we expect a substantial bump between 2025 and 2030 when many middle-income countries are likely to invest substantial pools in the Bitcoin economy. The Bitcoin Prediction in 2030 is $314,042. This is 16.4 times higher than today.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030 using 25% and 50% ROI Method

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030
If BTC price increases by 25% per annum $115,693
If BTC price increases by 50% per annum $497,457

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2040 using 15% and 25% ROI Method

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2040
If BTC price increases by 15% per annum $240,208
If BTC price increases by 25% per annum $1,077,471

Bitcoin Prediction: Frequently Asked Questions

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2023?


The aggregated forecasts predict that the Bitcoin price will rise to $43,855 in 2023. This is highly probable as a shallow recession is currently being forecast and with Bitcoin forming a very small proportion of consumer wealth, allocations will rise next year

Will Bitcoin crash again?


Past data analysis suggests that Bitcoin could crash again this year or next year but it is impossible to provide a firm timing at the moment. The reason is that the crashes are related to a sequence of events and we have no data on when those events are likely to occur (for Example, a big crash in the European economy, a Sudden surge in Liquidity leading to Bitcoin becoming overpriced)

How high will Bitcoin reach?


At the moment, aggregated forecasts predict Bitcoin will rise above $500k by 2030. Many experts believe Bitcoin could go as high as $1 Million over the next few years. Given the limited number of coins, these forecasts are not improbable. A good indicator of the possibility of a high Bitcoin price is the adoption of Blockchain. Once that becomes mainstream, $1 Million is not an impossibility.

Will Bitcoin reach $1 Million?


Many experts argue that Bitcoin will reach $1 Million in the next few years. The fact is Bitcoin price has increased from $1500 to $30,000 in less than 5 years leads to the hope that Bitcoin will rise to a Million dollars over the next 7-8 years at least. However, without ruling out the possibility of $1 million, we believe it is too early to make such a forecast.

Bitcoin is likely to reach $1 million if some fundamental aspects are in place – Largescale adoption of Blockchain, Bitcoin maintaining its lead over nimble competitors like Ethereum and continued growth in the Global economy for people to invest in Bitcoin. At the moment, we don’t have full clarity on the direction of these factors over the next 8 years.

Bitcoin Prediction: What factors influence Bitcoin Price Positively?


  • Liquidity
  • Bitcoin Adoption
  • Inclusion in mainstream ETFs
  • Supply of BTC from Miners (Lower)
  • Cost of producing a Bitcoin
  • BTC Domination (Higher)
  • Cryptocurrency related news

Crypto news from around the world has affected the price of Bitcoin widely. Any good news about crypto like their adoption, or increased interest of the investors has led to a surge in the price of Bitcoin. At the same time any news regarding the ban of crypto in any country, and regulation against cryptocurrencies have led to a Bitcoin price crash.

Non-crypto news has also played a very important role in the price movement of Bitcoin. In early this year, Russia attacked Ukraine, this event turned out to be a Waterloo for Cryptocurrencies. Along with it recently US Fed hiked the interest rate, and this hike in interest rate led to the crash of the crypto market. Bitcoin price tumbled after the rate hike.

Bitcoin Prediction: What factors influence Bitcoin Price Negatively?


  • Inflation and higher interest rates
  • In-market issues like LUNA etc
  • Supply of BTC from Miners (Higher)
  • BTC Domination (Lower)

Investopedia: Why do Bitcoins have value?

Why BTC Should be Part of Your Long-Term Investment?

Yes BTC can be a part of your long-term investment due to the following reasons:

  1. BTC has a remarkable store of value and currency for payment.
  2. The current drop in Bitcoin price is due to a lack of liquidity. Liquidity has historically improved at some point in time, thus one may predict that Bitcoin will recover once liquidity returns to the market and BTC prices are related to disposable income.
  3. Strong and cream investors have not yet exited due to which BTC will gradually recover.
  4. Seeing the YTD-BTC we can see that BTC is good at recovering, and this is not the first crash. So eventually this declining phase is going to end soon.
  5. Some people compare Bitcoin to the Tulip Mania, while others relate it to the Dot Com Bust. However, both the Tulip Mania and the Dot Com bubble lasted around three years. Bitcoin has been repeatedly tested in this contemporary era of computers and boom and bust cycles over the previous 12-15 years. So, the comparison is false, and Bitcoin will rebound.

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Investopedia: Why do Bitcoins have value?

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