What happened in Last Gubernatorial Election?

Alaska Governor Polls 2022: Will Bill Walker Unseat Mike Dunleavy as Alaska’s New Governor?


Alaska Governor Polls: The poll shows a close fight between incumbent Governor Mike Dunleavy and the Independent candidate Bill Walker.

Alaska is set to elect its new Governor on November 8th. The state has been primarily a Republican strong with only one Democrat Governor since 1998. The incumbent Governor, Mike Dunleavy has been in office since 2018 and he is seeking re-election. In 2018, Mike Dunleavy received over 51% of the total votes.

However, before the November 8th General election, the state will vote for the primary election. Alaska follows a very unique format for Primary elections. During the 2020 election, after the approval of Alaska voters for Ballot Measure 2, all the candidates irrespective of their party will run in a single Primary election categorised as a non-partisan election. The top four candidates will then head for the November 8 election. The Governor will be elected on the basis of ranked choices.

The Primary election will be held on August 16th, 2022.

Alaska Governor Polls: Insights and Observations

  • Polls Suggests a Wire Finish between Mike Dunleavy and Bill Walker.
  • Google Analytics and Net Social Media Sentiments Favors Mike Dunleavy over Bill Walker.
  • Evenly Distributed Community Ethnicity Makes this Election Even More Interesting, Even so When there is a three Way Fight.
  • Alaska Gubernatorial Seat is Currently with Republicans.

Alaska Governor Polls: Candidates Running In the August 16th Primary Election

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Polls

Poll source Date RCV
von Imhof
Average of the polls October 13th 46% 27% 7% 20%
Alaska Survey Research September 27th 1 43% 28% 7% 21%
Impact Research September 11th 1 49% 26% 7% 19%

Alaska Governor Polls: Net Sentiments

Mike Dunleavy (R) Les Gara (D) Natasha von Imhof (R) Bill Walker (I)
October 13th -32.1% -10.1% -48.9%
Mike Dunleavy (R) Les Gara (D) Natasha von Imhof (R) Bill Walker (I)
October 13th 40% 20% 20% 20%

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Tweets

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Videos

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Alaska Governor Polls: Demographics

Alaska is a U.S. State located in Western United States. It is the Least Densely Populated States in United States. Diversity Index of Alaska is a pretty Good 61.1%.

Voting Age Breakup of Alaska According to Racial Demographics:

Voting Age Population: 5,33,151

Race and Ethnicity Population%
White alone 68.6%
Black alone 3.3%
Asian 5%
Hispanics or Latino 6%
Native Hawaiians 1.2%
Other Races 5.8%

What happened in Last Gubernatorial Election?

Mike Dunleavy of Republican Party Defeated Democrat Mark Begich in 2018 Gubernatorial Election. It was Meant to be a three Way Fight, then Incumbent Governor Bill Walker Seeking Re-Election. However, Bill Walker Dropped at last Moment and Endorsed Mark Begich. Despite Bill Walker Support Mike Dunleavy Carried Gubernatorial Election.

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Alaska Governor Polls 2022

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