NIO Stock Forecast 2022: Company Fundamentals


NIO Stock Forecast 2022: The Average NIO Stock Forecast for the next 12 months is $34.5 on October 10th.

NIO Stock Forecast 2022: Performance in 2022

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Google Search Volume for NIO is higher than yesterday.

Current Technical Recommendation

NIO Stock Forecast 2022, August 29th

The Stock is forecast to double from the current levels over the next 12 months. Even the worst estimates are forecasting a nearly 100% return if you buy stock in the third week of March

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NIO Stock Forecast 2022: News and Tweets

NIO Stock Forecast 2022: Company Fundamentals

The company reported 1st quarter earnings 2022.

  • Revenue $1.53 Billion (Annual $1.56 Billion), Annual Revenues are up 24.2%
  • Deliveries – 25.7K vehicles, deliveries up by 28.5% from the first quarter of 2021
  • Vehicle Margin is down 310bp
Net Loss per Ordinary Share-Basic and Diluted $0.18

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Peer Comparison and Partnerships

Despite double-fold revenue growth, 2021 was not a good year from an investor’s perspective as the stock price of Nio witnessed a fall of roughly 40% over the span of a year. Also, Nio faced intense competition from the market leader Tesla and the new entrant Xpeng which grew more than 2.5 times in 2021 with its share price rising almost 15%. Both Nio and Xpeng reported huge negative margins for the previous year, as costs related to R&D and SG&A significantly took a toll on the revenues.

In a recent move, to strengthen the supply chain and product distribution, NIO announced a strategic collaboration with the Chinese steel producer Baoshan Iron & Steel (Baosteel). The participating companies also seek to boost technological innovation alongside working in sustainable green, zero-carbon pathways.

NIO Stock Forecast 2022: The Picture Ahead For 2022

Considering the fact that Nio operates in a competitive market, looking ahead to 2022, the company’s long-term horizon seems better than the competitors.

Nio began exporting its model  ET7 sedan and has announced previously to expand its model lineup, which includes the mid-size luxury sedan ET5, which is to enter the market by the end of October this year. Also, the company is focusing on its international expansion. Last year, the company made entry into Norway, and over 2022 it plans to penetrate further into the European market, which presents an immense and rapid growth potential if the company could execute its initiatives well.

Though everything is not green for Nio. The company may potentially face a growth slowdown in the existing marketplace. Moreover, investors have also been concerned about the regulatory risks and scrutiny that looms over Chinese technology companies operating and listed in the US. The future of Nio very much depends on these crucial factors and investors should take these into consideration before making an investment in the company.

NIO Stock Forecast 2022: BUY, SELL OR HOLD?

As of now, the company shares are currently trading undervalued compared to its industry peers. For a company with 110% in revenue growth, it is moderately priced and seems to be a lucrative investment opportunity. Taking these factors into account, despite having some serious risk factors the company presents a more upside potential for a year-long investment.

-Pratik Kaundilya

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NIO Stock Forecast 2022: Will NIO reach $100 this year?

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