Conclusion: What Lies Ahead for Woodbois?

Shares of Woodbois Limited (LON: WBI) are expected to trade between $157.60 and $163.60. The overall recommendation is Sell

Woodbois Limited Stock Latest Price for 12.10.2022

Woodbois Limited Stock Performance Chart

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Woodbois Limited Stock Forecast: Support and Resistance

Every investor wants to catch a penny stock that would increase multifold in the near future. When we look back at chart of few shares, we think that alas! It was a penny share few years back, I saw it at that moment and missed the entry, and now the stock is trading maybe above $50 or even $100.

But investing in penny stocks has its own perils. First thing is that its price will be too volatile to handle. It may move 50 to 60% down in a couple of days’ times and will erode investors’ wealth. Another being, it can be easily manipulated by big investors.

But the volatility is for short time frame and in longer term, company’s financial performance only dominates its share price. So, while investing in penny stocks, it becomes more important to look into its financials before making an appropriate decision.

In this article, we will look at Woodbois Limited and its stock (LON: WBI), its current positions and its future prospects and then try to conclude whether it is a buy or not?

Woodbois Stock Forecast: Bull Case

Better 2022 First Half Results – Woodbois came up with better first half results as compared to last year. Revenue for the first six months came at $11.3 million, which was 38% higher than that of last year. As Woodbois is a producer of sawn timber from its own forest possessions in Mozambique and the Republic of Gabon in Africa, the production figure of timber is very important, which increased to 37% year on year in the first half of 2022. Veneer production increased 50%.

Most important figure is operating profit, which is reported for the first time in the company’s history. Although the amount is very low at only $15,000, but it is better than $654,000 loss for the same period in 2021.

Carbon Credit Business- There is lot of speculation about the carbon credit business of Woodbois. Let us first understand the basics of this business. There is a common concession around the globe to limit the emission of greenhouse gases and hence there is a cap on every company for the amount of carbon it can emit. If a company exceeds these limits, it can buy permits from another company which is carbon negative.

Now, as Woodbois owns million of acres of pure forests in Africa and it is a carbon negative company and hence it can sell those surplus credits to another carbon positive companies like coal power plant.

This carbon market is worth billion of pounds. Although it is still in infant stage for Woodbois but there is lot of potential in this business and if it takes off, it can add lot of value to revenue and profitability.

Frenzy Trading in Past- Many penny stocks are subjected to frenzy trading and presents an opportunity for traders to make some quick bucks. Woodbois shares are no different. In May 2022, it went for such a crazy trading period. Its share price increased by around 250% in a span of a fortnight. Woodbois shares closed at 3.70 GBX on 7th April 2022 and it went onto to touch 9 GBX on 4th May 2022. Similar frenzy trading happened in year 2021 also. The bull case for the stock takes into consideration the possibility of such frenzy trading in future also if the fundamentals of the company improve further.

Woodbois Stock Forecast: Bear Case

Track Record Not Impressive – The most fundamental thing any investor looks before picking a stock is its past stock performance. True, WBI is a penny stock today, but it was not the case always. WBI stock got listed on London Stock Exchange in year 2008 at 24.25 GBX, and it went on to touch 51 GBX by year 2011, but in next couple of years it went more than 85% down to 7.63 GBX by 2013.

Since 2013, it has been moving in that range only and is being a penny stock. It has given negative 85% returns since its listing, with around negative 80% returns in last five years. Such stock performance forces investors to double think of their decision to invest a pennyin Woodbois.

Its Potential vs Risk- Woodbois has a great opportunity to grow in future due to its carbon credit business as discussed above. But at the same time, we will have to look at other side of the lens in terms of risks involved. Woodbois is a penny stock for last nine years and to its stock has been diluted quite a few times. This is quite common with penny stocks that they raise funds through equity.

So, even if the share price double or triples in the coming years, an investor may not be able to juice out the complete benefit as ownership is likely to be reduced in the same time period.

Geopolitical Tensions in Mozambique- Woodbois has forestry assets in Africa in Gabon and Mozambique. The company has a permit with government of Gabon till 2036, which seems to be stable situation, but its operation in northern Mozambique is a sign of concern.

Last month only, six people are beheaded in the region of Mozambique, where Woodbois operates. Terrorism is a known and growing problem in Mozambique in recent years. This can increase the operational risk for the Woodbois in an environment of political instability.

Conclusion: What Lies Ahead for Woodbois?

True that Woodbois stock is a penny stock today. It is a million-dollar question that will it explode and touch new heights in future? Going with the data, it points to something else. It reported a sizeable loss of $489,000 in the first six months of 2022 and a total comprehensive loss of $2.5 million. Moreover, it reported a net cash outflow of $78,000 for the same period.

Woodbois is making huge investments to develop its carbon credit business. But nobody can imagine where will this business be in a decade time or so. Till the time the company becomes cash-flow positive with its carbon positive business, I do not feel comfortable investing in it.

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